Learn, Serve & Immerse!

In addition to our family-friendly Galapagos Island Adventures, we also offer immersive trips, filled with cultural learning and abundant wildlife to mainland Ecuador, and Amazon Rain Forest!

 Explore the Galapagos Islands in a way only Global Family Travels can deliver. Join us for an incredible family experience in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, featuring captivating wildlife and immersive outdoor adventures.

 Join talented photographer, Lisa Merrill, on a family adventure in one of the most amazing places in the world, The Galapagos Islands! Enjoy close encounters with wildlife, including the giant tortoise, brightly colored marine iguana, and distinctive blue-footed booby, and see the magnificent frigate bird with its giant red throat pouch. Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, volunteering and photographing in the Galapagos while strengthening family bonds is an experience-of-a-lifetime!

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