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A Family Adventure !

A Family Adventure in the Land of Fire & Ice! 

Discover the land of fire, ice, and trolls on this charming Iceland adventure perfect for kids and adults alike. Spot puffins, marvel at massive waterfalls and steamy geysers, explore ice caves inside a glacier, and visit zoos, farms, and national parks as a family.  Our adventure includes all that and more, including private tours and transfers, unstructured time to explore on your own, knowledgeable guides, and hotels that know what matters most to families.

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Tour Highlights

  • Visit the local Viking museum in Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital

  • Learn firsthand how some of the best Icelandic chocolate is made with treats to sample!

  • Marvel at the friendly monsters of the deep on a whale-watching tour in the North Atlantic.

  • Enjoy a guided tour of the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall, the famed Geysir, and petting farm experience on a local farm in the southern lowlands near Selfoss.

  • See the world’s largest puffin colonies in the Westman Islands!

  • Drive through the Herjólfsdalur volcano.

  • Take in the breathtaking beauty of the UNESCO-protected Þingvellir National Park and a visit with the famous “Rock Troll” near Fossatún.

Glacier Adventures & 

Blue Lagoon

We’ve saved one of the coolest experiences for last: an amazing look inside Langjökull, one of Iceland’s largest glaciers, with the help of specially modified glacier vehicles.


End your family adventure with a dip in the calming and relaxing waters of the Blue Lagoon before heading home.

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