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Our Northwest Team

Our Northwest Team helps you create positive team-building experiences that involve socially responsible excursions and fun activities, connecting your team to a day of learning and caring for our community in support of the preservation of indigenous cultures, education, conservation, and other societal challenges. We help provide your employees, executives and partners with perspective into aspects of the Pacific Northwest that is sure to open their eyes, stir their creativity and open new lines of communication among participating team members.

We also collaborate with experienced consultants who help your organization build a philanthropic strategy and a culture of community support, leadership development and team building.


Program Managers and Tour Guides

Our Program Manager and Tour Guides work effectively with your team to create engaging and meaningful team-building experiences with visits to cultural and heritage landmarks that support Greater Seattle partners who are tackling some of our community’s challenges.


Kelly McCoy

Program Manager and Tour Guide

Having traveled throughout the world, I have become transformed.   I believe that travel is a means to build bridges of awareness while inspiring people to grow through exposure and engagement, appreciate from connecting, and reciprocate through compassion.  This is what we do at Global Family Travels through our focus on Learn, Serve, and Immerse. I also believe that a travelers we have a responsibility to do more good and less harm. And that begins in our own home.  


As the Program Manager for Seattle Sustainable Community tours we have an opportunity and responsibility to engage our local community and tourists alike with experiences that connect and help to preserve our cultural heritage and environment. As well as, bring socio - economic benefit to our local community

Lisa Merrill

Social Impact Photographer


Lisa Merrill is a photographer whose compelling images of vibrant cultures and human resiliency and ingenuity have been featured in National Geographic Traveler and other magazines, books, and websites around the world.   Her powerful visual stories add impact to the communications of travel companies, tourism organizations, and nonprofits working to improve education and tackle other societal challenges.  

She believes in the power of sustainable tourism to transform lives, strengthen communities, and build family bonds.  An inspiring educator, Lisa enjoys helping people of all ages unleash their creativity and tell vital stories through photography. Learn more and view online galleries at Merrill Images.

Anne Holland, Program Manager

Anne's interest and education in community planning and development has led her to work in project and event management for a number of non-profits including the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and Greater Portland (Maine) Landmarks. Anne feels fortunate to live in Seattle which has such rich historic and natural resources within such close proximity.  She is most excited about helping people connect to and foster a sense of stewardship toward these remarkable assets in a way that can only be developed through hands-on involvement.

Anne Holland.jpg

Team Bonding Facilitators

The role of team facilitators are to help assess your organization’s philanthropic approach and how it relates to overall team effectiveness, communication strategy and engagement with local community.   They will help your organizational team address issues such as diversity, equity, and inclusivity, tying in corporate challenges to community issues.


Lori Meyers │Blue Sky Communications NW


With experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sector, Lori works with organizations to create a philanthropic strategy and build a culture of supporting community through strategic alliances with Puget Sound area non-profit organization. Driven by a passion for helping companies define and realize their business and communications goals, Lori launched Blue Sky in 2013. She is a Seattle native, with more than 20 years of experience working with clients to develop and launch successful and

Lori Meyers.jpg

meaningful campaigns, create strategic alliances, and develop communication and community relations strategies that result in positive perception, philanthropic corporate cultures and employee satisfaction.   

Lori has experience working with local companies like Taco Time NW, The Hope Heart Institute, and the City of Renton Community Services, among others, to make meaningful connections with local non-profit organizations.

Doug Nathan

Team-Building and Leadership Development Consultant

Doug Nathan.jpg

Doug provides leadership development, team-building and conflict engagement services. He works with individuals, teams and organizations to create opportunities for learning and inspired results by helping them gain knowledge, self-awareness and best-practice skills. Doug uses this approach as a consultant designing change interventions for non-profit and corporate clients; as a training specialist facilitating classroom experiences for employees and managers; and as a mediator helping disputants find common ground.

For many years, Doug explored the power of poetry to teach leadership and team-building skills to MBA students and business professionals. I have designed innovative classroom and online training solutions for employees, managers, and leaders across corporate, government and non-profit agencies.

Doug’s whole-systems approach to design and delivery addresses the complex nature of employee, management, and leadership development issues. Fields of inquiry that influence my work include systems thinking, creativity and innovation, appreciative inquiry, and conflict and communication theory. Learn more about Doug here.

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