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Photography for Social Impact with Merrill Images

Photography for Social Impact with Merrill Images


Photography for Social Impact with Merrill Images

Strengthen team bonds, help a non-profit and gain photo skills in this unique experience led by John and Lisa Merrill.  For over two decades John and Lisa have helped social impact organizations in the Pacific Northwest and around the world tell stories of their vital work.  They will arrange for your team to volunteer at a non-profit which is tackling a challenge of high interest to the team, and provide hands-on coaching the participants, who will take turns photographing the action. They can use any type of camera, including a cell phone.

At the start of the volunteer experience (or on an earlier day), John and Lisa will provide tips for creating powerful photos using examples from assignments. Team members will learning about composition, perspective, and lighting, and get tips for capturing action.

A member of the non-profit’s leadership team will be on hand to discuss the organization’s work including recent successes and challenges.

After the volunteer experience, John and Lisa will edit images created by your team and create a photo book and online photo gallery.  The photos will also be provided to the non-profit for use on their website and in  other communications.  An optional post-volunteer photo workshop which includes image review is available.

The Merrills believe in the missions of the following organizations, and know first-hand that they offer fun and inspiring volunteer experiences, as well as great photo opportunities:

  • Eastside Baby Corner - sort donated clothing, toys and books for distribution to social workers who work with families in need

  • Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust - plant native seedlings for stream restoration, clear invasive plants to preserve habitat, or maintain trails in the Greenway.  As a follow-up to your volunteer experience, biking and hiking photo workshops are available.

  • Food Lifeline – sort and repackage groceries for distribution to food banks in our community

  • Tiny Trees Preschool - build a new outdoor classroom in a Seattle or King County Park or help refresh an existing classroom by spreading wood chips, removing invasive species, making signs, or laminating books.


Build bonds while volunteering and learning together.  Your team will come away from this experience inspired, and gain new visual storytelling skills which they can contribute to other groups tackling our community’s challenges.

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