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Nepal 2016 Earthquake Relief - How to Help

Only one week ago, I was travelling around the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, enjoying its beauty, historic sites and vibrant cities for the purposes of planning a 2016 tour for Global Family Travels. Just days after leaving, tragedy struck. This past Saturday, April 25, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit Nepal, followed by recurring tremors and aftershocks, centered within a range of less than 60 miles from Kathmandu.

The quakes are the worst the country has experienced over the last 80 years. Current reports of the quakes in Nepal have left a death toll of close to 5000, over 7000 people have been injured, and an estimated 100,000 have been left homeless. In the district where the quake was centered, it has been reported that there are people who are not getting food and water and 70% of houses in villages have been destroyed.

At this critical time, Nepal needs material, financial and emotional support. Countries around the world are contributing extensively via rescue teams and financial support. If you would like to donate to Nepal’s earthquake relief, below we have listed a couple of organizations that we know have been doing good work in Nepal’s remote villages for a long time, who are already on the ground helping out.

In the aftermath of Saturday’s disaster, many of those sites I visited last week, including Nepal's famous darbar squares and some world heritage sites, have been damaged.

Patan Square in Kathmandu before earthquake

Patan Square in Kathmandu after earthquake

Well known for its rich cultural heritage and extreme tourism, Nepal is one of the poorest in Southeast Asia, and the earthquake will put a huge strain on the country’s economy for decades to come. Nepal's primary industry is tourism, and it will need to continue to thrive in order to support employment and revive the economy.

Once the emergency situation is under control, restoration work will surely commence on heritage sites, and there will be a great need to help rebuild remote villages. Global Family Travels pledges to help recover this Himalayan kingdom to its glory by promoting trips with community service projects that will help further the recovery. Please stay tuned for information in the months to come. In the meantime, please consider donating to help Nepal's people in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Nepal Earthquake Relief Organizations that we recommend:

The dZi Foundation - partners with some of the most remote villages in Nepal to improve quality of life while reducing poverty and disease. Their earthquake relief is focused in those villages that are hard to reach.

Mercy Corps – has been in Nepal since 2006 and has more than 90 volunteers on the ground, trying to distribute water, shelter kits, tarps, cooking utensils, and sanitation materials.

Photos from our recent trip to Nepal and blog post :


Jennifer Spatz CEO & Founder of Global Family Travels

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