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Transformational Family Trips in 2021 to Support the Global Goals

While the world of travel has been on pause for most of 2020, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as multiple Covid-19 vaccines are on track to gain approval for distribution in the coming months.

We at Global Family Travels are passionate about creating community-based, family-friendly trips for 2021 that are truly meaningful, encouraging travelers of all ages to become both stewards of the environment and citizens of the world. Guided by our three community-based pillars of “Learn, Serve & Immerse,” every tour, every experience and every destination shares a commitment to sustainability.

The post-pandemic economic recovery of many destinations and communities will depend on people traveling again. Travel is a powerful tool, and if done sustainably and ethically, it is a way to support local communities while broadening our horizons.

Holiday Deal: Save Big on Four 2021 Trips to Inspire Global Citizens

Throughout all of December 2020, Global Family Travels is offering a holiday deal on four trips that span from the beautiful island of Bali, to the grasslands of Tanzania and Zimbabwe, to the rainforests of Costa Rica. Our amazing Learn, Serve & Immerse itineraries are both fun and meaningful and are designed for families who want to see the world while also making a difference.

Take $250 off per person when you book two or more people on these select trips from Global Family Travels through 2021. That means a family of four can save $1,000 on a transformative trip of a lifetime! Your booking deposit must be received by December 31, 2020.

Our Community-Based Trips Support UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), or Global Goals, are 17 social, environmental and economic goals that frame the global agenda for sustainable development between now and 2030. They provide a good framework to align travel with sustainable, or even regenerative initiatives, and Global Family Travels' community-based trips are designed around many of the Global Goals, addressing key sustainable development issues, such as access to Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Life Below Water, and Life on Land.

Protecting environmental resources and biodiversity, respecting the cultural heritage and values of a destination and ensuring that host communities benefit economically are paramount to sustainability.

“As the world responds to and recovers from the pandemic, it will need a robust plan for protecting nature, so that nature can protect humanity,” stated the UN recently. Our 2021 trips focus on conservation and support local communities, through destination stewardship. Community-based travel fosters cross-cultural interaction and encourages us to open our hearts and minds to walks of life vastly different than our own.

Travel with HEART on a 2021 Transformational Trip!

These four HEART-felt adventures to Bali, Costa Rica, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are also transformational travel opportunities. Each of these unique trips offers a powerful combination of learning, community engagement and immersive travel experiences that allow travelers to benefit in profound ways, including personal growth and empowerment through service, expanded awareness of other cultures, and strengthening of family bonds.

Discover Bali While Supporting Water Conservation

This 12-day Learn, Serve & Immerse trip of Bali offers the extraordinary opportunity to get a deep sense of the culture and daily life on this magical island while tackling some of Bali's biggest challenges by engaging with local water conservation projects and supporting Life below Water. This program has a balance of immersive cultural adventures to foster global citizens while having fun!

Explore Costa Rica and Take a Deep Dive into Sustainable Tourism

Enjoy a fun 9-day adventure in Costa Rica's beautiful rainforests, volcanoes, wildlife reserves, and beaches. You’ll also participate in sustainable tourism projects that benefit local conservation initiatives and improve the lives of people in the communities we visit. This incredible Pura Vida adventure emphasizes authentic cultural experiences to give you a true taste of the amazing experiences that Costa Rica has to offer!

Go on a Tanzanian Safari and Support Local Education

Families can connect with schoolchildren on a 9-day family safari in Tanzania that includes plenty of opportunity to view giraffes along Lake Natron, spy leopards and lions in the Serengeti, and marvel at exotic birds in the Rift Valley. During this adventure, families can visit a local Maasai village, meet students at the Ganako Secondary School, and learn how the Karatu Education Fund (KEF) is making a positive impact in these kids’ lives.


Embark on a Zimbabwe Adventure and Save Endangered Wildlife

This 10-day family-friendly safari in Zimbabwe offers ample opportunities to participate in conservation and educational projects with our local partners and enjoy several awe-inspiring safaris. In addition to discovering the extraordinary wildlife thriving in the Hwange and Zambezi National Parks, this safari offers immersive opportunities to engage with local communities and school children near Victoria Falls and in outside of Hwange National Park. While on this adventure you will learn about one of the rarest species on the African continent, the African Painted Dog.

We hope you can Expand Your Family Circle in 2021 on one of these thoughtfully planned itineraries that include opportunities to give back and experience the joy and fulfillment of connecting with the local community!

Navigating the world of travel now can be confusing, so when the time is right for you to start planning , our Travel Advisor Services can answer your questions and customize your trip for your family.

Note: We are always mindful of protecting the health and safety of our guests, guides and destinations. Please see our Covid-19 travel guidelines.

More about Transformational Travel

Global Family Travels is honored to be a Travel Designer for the the Transformational Travel Council. One of the many guiding principles of the TTC is to Travel with HEART, which means to be Humble, be Engaged, be Awake, be Resilient, be Thankful for to the opportunity to travel. Having Heart means caring about yourself, others, and the destination you visit, so that you’re not only positively impacting the community and environment you encounter when you travel, but simultaneously learning and growing.

Thank you to our sustainable tourism partners for use of some of the images in this blog, including the Karatu Education Fund and Imvelo Safari Lodge.

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