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Learn, Serve and Immerse on an African Safari!

Our Learn, Serve & Immerse African Safaris provide authentic cultural experiences to connect you with the people and communities we work with. Get a true taste of Africa while getting up close and personal with some of the worlds biggest mammals while on Safari!


South Africa Cities & Safaris

Learn, Serve and Immerse

Immerse in the splendor and diversity of South Africa - from cities, and townships, to safari!   Learn about the country's amazing history, culture and ancient tribal customs of South Africa’s people, while visiting the cosmopolitan cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg and rural communities that surround Kruger National Park.    

Tanzania Family Safari

 Join our Tanzania family safari, where you will Learn, Serve and Immerse. Discover the extraordinary wildlife thriving within Tanzania,  experience what life is like in a local Maasai village, and visit and support Tanzania school children,  and learn what our NGO partner, the Karatu Education Fund,  is doing to help them.

Zimbabwe: Endangered Canid Conservation adventure

Immerse in Zimbabwe's natural wonders of Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, and the Batoka Gorge, while discovering the extraordinary wildlife thriving in the national parks of Hwange and Zambezi.  While on this safari adventure you will learn about one of the rarest species on the African continent, the African Painted Dog, and have an incredible opportunity to serve on a conservation project with our NGO partner, the Endangered Canid Project.

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Zimbabwe Learn, Serve & Immerse on a Family Safari

Learn, Serve and Immerse on a family safari in Zimbabwe customized to meet your family's interests!  This trip offers educational opportunities to engage with lead conservationists, tribal leaders and local school children in Hwanges' National Park while enjoying the abundant wildlife that the park offers.

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