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Join Global Family Travels for an immersive, land-based adventure in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands! You'll spend lots of time exploring the islands by land and sea with activities like kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and hiking where you will come face-to-face with the Galapagos' famous wildlife, including giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, fur seals and even penguins. After action-packed days, relax and unwind each evening on land at our eco-friendly boutique hotels with superb hospitality and splendid meals.


Trip dates are customizable to meet your family's preferred travel dates!  Visit our detailed booking page.


From $3,700 per person

9 days, 8 nights

custom dates

Tour Highlights
Tour Map
  • Enjoy up-close encounters with giant Galapagos tortoises at Magic Galapagos Reserve in their natural habitat and contribute to a reforestation project.

  • Hike the rim of the enormous, active caldera of Sierra Volcano and discover extraordinary lava formations

  • Snorkel and unwind with pristine beaches and breathtaking kayaking and snorkeling locations, such as Los Túneles on Isabela Island

  • Swim alongside penguins and marine iguanas, and enjoy and a vast array of local birds.

  • Motorized boat to explore North Seymour Island and other islands.

  • Protect the environment and support the local communities with our eco-friendly activities and green hotels.


Quito - Galapagos Islands, including Santa Cruz, Isabela, and Seymour Island

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