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Learn, Serve and Immerse on a family trip to Peru!


Machu Picu

Support Communities in Peru!

Learn, Serve & Immerse on a regenerative adventure to Peru and become part of the communities of the Sacred Valley! Choose from custom dates or group dates, or contact us today or click below to reserve a spot on a unique cultural experience to give you a true taste of this special destination.


Be sure to see our latest video and blog post: Peru’s Sacred Valley: Regenerative Travel to Support Community and Pachamama

Journey to Peru through the Lens of Chalay: Andean Culture & Connection to Food

Global Family Travels is pleased to offer a truly regenerative adventure in Peru with a lens on Andean culture and the sacred nature of food, land, and the people who cultivate it. In partnership with community organizations, ANDES Association, Potato Park and Awamaki, this journey through Peru’s Sacred Valley offers the opportunity to immerse and learn firsthand from farmers, artisans, and Indigenous peoples about ancient farming techniques and economic practices, traditions which have protected food sovereignty and biodiversity in the Andes, while adapting to the challenges of food security, climate change, water shortages, and biodiversity loss.  

Participants on this trip will also learn about Chalay, the ancient Andean practice of bartering, or trading goods without the use of money. Through alternative economic systems, chalay strengthens relations between friends and families from diverse agricultural zones where seeds and food are thought to be members of the family.

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Peru: A Regenerative Journey for Mother Earth, Sacred Traditions and Divine Feminine Energy

Known as Pachamama by the Incas, Mother Earth is seen as the feminine soul of nature and the provider of everything in life. Global Family Travels is pleased to offer a 10-day regenerative wellness journey to the charming country of Peru focused on ancient Andean traditions of the Sacred Valley, learning how we can help heal our Earth and empower women.

Facilitated by Vicki Weeks, Peruvian Expert and Global Educator, this regenerative retreat offers opportunities to immerse in authentic Andean experiences, and is designed to support two impactful community organizations, ANDES Association/ Potato Park and Awamaki. By engaging with these organizations, you will learn firsthand from rural Andean women, farmers, Indigenous peoples and artisans who are deeply to connected to Pachamama.

Retreat Dates: November 14-24, 2024 

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