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Learn, Serve and Immerse on an African Safari!

Community & Conservation African Adventures

Our Learn, Serve & Immerse African Adventures provide authentic cultural experiences to connect you with the people and communities we work with in many countries on the continent.


The word safari means “journey” in Swahili, and what began in the Middle Ages as a means of trade, today safaris play an important role in Africa’s economic empowerment, conservation, and sustainability.   The continent’s national parks, wildlife reserves and local communities need a steady stream of visitors to do their important work, so in a very real sense, you are making a difference by visiting Africa on a safari.  

Please see our free webinar on How to plan a meaningful African Wildlife Adventure with Global Family Travels!  


Tanzania Family Adventure

Tanzania is home to some of the most impressive  national parks and wildlife viewing in the world. Every day on this Learn, Serve & Immerse adventure, your family will find yourselves face-to-face with awe-inspiring sights, such as hundreds of avian species, zebra, elephant and buffalo in the Rift Valley;  leopards and lions in the Serengeti, and more!


You will also experience what life is like in a local Maasai village, and visit and support Tanzania school children, and engage with our NGO partner, the Karatu Education Fund, to learn about their work.

South Africa Cities & Safaris
Learn, Serve and Immerse

Immerse in the splendor and diversity of South Africa - from cities, and townships, to its national parks!   Learn about the country's amazing history, culture and ancient tribal customs of South Africa’s people, while visiting the cosmopolitan cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg and rural communities that surround Kruger National Park.  

Consider an optional extension to Victoria Falls!

Women Drummers.jpg

Rwanda: Paving the Way for Women's Empowerment 

Despite the Genocide in 1994 that claimed almost one-third of the Rwandan population, Rwanda today is seen as a case study for resilience and empowerment, especially for women. On this heartfelt 10-day journey to Rwanda, you will have an opportunity to experience firsthand how the country evolved into a revered country that uplifts, empowers and supports women through community, socio-economic development, and supportive NGOs, which we will be engaging with. 

Through emotional visits to sites dedicated to the 1994 Genocide, you will also get a glimpse of Rwanda’s past, as well as experience life, culture, nature and art --- from drumming troupes to tea planting, and a safari ride! (Group or custom adventures available!)


Zimbabwe Conservation Safaris

Learn, Serve and Immerse in Zimbabwe on a family-friendly safari which offers ample opportunities to participate in conservation and educational projects with our local partners, and go on several awe-inspiring game drives and walking safaris.


In addition to discovering the extraordinary wildlife thriving in the Hwange and Zambezi National Parks, this safari offers immersive opportunities to engage with local communities and school children near Victoria Falls and in outside of Hwange National Park.

132a. Imvelo Safari Lodges - Jan 2016 - with thanks to Dirk Brunner (4 of 9).jpg
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