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Women Empowerment Activities: 4 Regenerative Travel to Bali, Rwanda, Peru and the Seattle Area

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

International Women’s day is finally here, a day we honor the contributions women have made to the world! At Global Family Travels we value a community-based approach to tourism, globally and locally. And, with the world of travel reopening, we have been hard at work thinking about ways we can empower women and girls to align some of our new trip themes with the globally recognized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Gender Equality (UNSDG #5), Why it Matters

While we have always supported gender equality (UNSDG#5) on our trips, we are excited to share four impactful trips championing Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Even with advancements in gender equality, today we still see barriers that disadvantage women’s rights, from sexual violence, global income disparities and lack of global representation. Research indicates if countries prioritized advancements for women and gender equality on a global scale, we will see a significant stride in prosperity.

Global Goal # 5 is not only a fundamental human right, but is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Women play an important role in shaping societal change and economic resilience, and it's important they become influential players and vital stakeholders to address the global issues facing our world. We strongly believe in this mission to amplify and continuously inspire gender equality, and women will play a vital role in helping their communities recover from our global pandemic.

Four Transformational Trips to Empower Women

As travelers, we can make powerful choices that support women and girls worldwide. Choices that give them equal access to education, health care, and decent work, ultimately helping to build sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.

As borders begin opening again, and we begin planning our next adventures, Global Family Travels envisions a bigger, bolder, and more dynamic world of travel that specializes in gender equality, empowerment and community-driven experiences. We are set on ensuring that experiences and tours are centered around these foundational ideals, and are pleased to share four Regenerative Wellness Retreats and Heartfelt Adventures for Women in the upcoming 2022-2023 season.

Women Empowering Activities - Visit Rwanda, Bali Resorts, Iceland Scenery, Peru Vacation, Seattle Day Trips, Zimbabwe Safari

Restore, Relax & Reconnect in Greater Seattle: A Regenerative Wellness Retreat for Women

The Pacific Northwest is home to stunning waterscapes, rich culture, and vibrant wilderness making it a breathtaking destination for recharging. This 7-day rejuvenating retreat in the Greater Seattle area focuses on sparking mental clarity and creative healing through cultural immersion with diverse communities, and daily chakra-themed mindfulness practices. Our three travel pillars of Learn, Serve, and Immerse are embedded in the trip programming. You will have the opportunity to learn about this beautiful region, diverse communities and Global Family Travels' impactful Seattle-area non-profit partners in new and engaging ways.

Leading and facilitating this trip is the acclaimed Sophia Hyder Hock who specializes in sustainable and responsible impact travel and who is a notable force in the travel and tourism industry. With her experience in equity, inclusion and wellness, she will help you explore the power of our subtle energies as we discuss how to break free of limiting beliefs to manifest the life of our dreams.

Pacific Northwest - Regenerative Travel

Each morning you will be immersed and awakened to the stunning backdrop of the scenic Pacific Northwest and begin each day with a morning routine of meditation and intention setting practice to prepare to better connect with your aligned chakra energies and ready yourself for a day fueled by community experiences.

This holistic wellness retreat will give you a greater understanding of your authentic self through regenerative community experiences, colorful visits to vibrant communities, and practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into the daily stressors of life.

Women & Empowerment in Rwanda: A Learn, Serve & Immerse Experience

Women Empowerment isn’t just a buzzword for us, it’s a motto we strive to embody. Rwanda has been paving the way for women and today, is seen as a case study for resilience and empowerment for women, children and communities. From urban to rural, this ultimate Rwanda experience will give travelers a deeper understanding of how Rwanda is seen as a global leader for the economic and political empowerment of women, and through this are able to provide a higher level of education, health care and standard of living for themselves and dependents. A country imbued by its dark history, culminating in the 1994 Genocide, Rwanda has since then evolved into a revered country that uplifts, empowers and supports women through community, socio-economic development, and supportive NGOs.

Restore, Relax, Reconnect With Global Family Travels

On this adventure, with Global Family Travels Africa Expert accompanying you, you will learn to understand Rwanda’s past through emotional visits to sites dedicated to the 1994 genocide, learning about and honoring the victims whose lives were claimed by this unspeakable tragedy. You will also have the opportunity to take in the stunning natural views of the Nyungwe Forest and remote regions of Rwanda and experience life, culture and art in these very spaces, from drumming troupes, to tea planting and a safari ride. This ultimate Rwanda experience will showcase all facets of empowerment, urban rural, and will give you a deeper understanding of how Rwanda is seen as a global case-study for positive women representation and inclusion around the world.

Take part in this Rwanda journey with us and be part of the movement to globalize Rwanda’s movement to empower all women and communities!

Bali: A Traditional Wellness and Healing Retreat in Alignment with the Seven Chakras

Wellness and spirituality are at the cornerstone of Balinese culture, and in January of 2023, Global Family Travels is excited to hold another wellness retreat with Sophia Hyder Hock on a 10-day ultimate Bali wellness program that infuses connecting to yourself, community and immersion, and and daily chakra-themed mindfulness practices.

An island famous for its stunning beaches, captivating culture, and mystical traditions, you’ll learn about the Tri Hita Karana, the central philosophy of the Balinese people, you will be immersed in wellness-emphasized interactive experiences from: learning about and participating in traditional medicinal practices, meditation, arts and crafts, cultural dances, agricultural productions, and health/wellness centered organizations.

People Of Bali - Balinese Culture

From day one, you will be immersed in wellness-emphasized interactive experiences from learning about and participating in Balinese traditional health and engage with inspiring organizations in Bali that are working towards helping women and girls gain equal access to education and employment opportunities, as well as working to preserve and address child and birth mortality. You will also learn how such local organizations and communities are focused on revitalizing the planet and maintaining peaceful harmony, visit local farms and learn about rice production and how herbs are used for healing and medicinal purposes, and participate in local cooking classes to learn about and showcase new flavors and native ingredients.

This Balinese wellness program infuses learning with cultural immersion, in a unique and focused way to give you the opportunity to embrace your experience, dive deep, support communities and celebrate the traditional Balinese approach to wellness, health and human prosperity.

Peru: A Regenerative Wellness Journey for Mother Earth and Divine Feminine Energy

Known as Pachamama by the Incas, Mother Earth is seen as the feminine soul of nature and the provider of everything in life. Global Family Travels is pleased to offer a 10-day regenerative wellness journey to the charming country of Peru focused on ancient Andean traditions of the Sacred Valley, learning how we can help heal our Earth and empower women.

Facilitated by Vicki Weeks, Peruvian Expert and global educator, this regenerative retreat offers opportunities to immerse in authentic Andean experiences and is designed to support two impactful community organizations, ANDES Association/ Potato Park and Awamaki. By engaging with these organizations, you will learn firsthand from rural Andean women, farmers, Indigenous peoples and artisans who are deeply to connected to Pachamama. The visit to Potato Park, for example will give us an overview of ancient farming techniques and traditions which have protected food sovereignty and biodiversity in the Andes.

Peru Women

Through sacred rituals, such as a sound healing ceremony and a Pachamama Offering Ceremony with a Quechua shaman, we will also learn how Andean people honor Mother Earth and our own divine feminine energies, gaining integral insight into their culture and daily restorative practices that we can honor and take home with us.

A highlight of this trip is visiting and engaging with female artisans at Awamaki, a nonprofit whose mission is to give rural Andean women a skills-based education and connect them to the global marketplace through tourism. In addition to uplifting local women and communities, you will take take in the scenic and rich wonders of Cusco and Ollaytambo, experience traditional healing practices and rituals of the Sacred Valley. And of course, seeing this part of the world is not complete without a breathtaking and magical visit to the top of Machu Picchu- one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Community Tourism in Support of Women Everywhere

Now more than ever, as destinations reopen for travel, it is vital we celebrate places, driving initiatives and empowering women, gender equality and community tourism on a scalable level. By unveiling these trips in honor of women, Global Family Travels hopes we have inspired you to think about incorporating some important gender equality initiatives to empower women and girls! Express interest to learn more about these trips and click below to join one of our information sessions on April 10,2022:

Whether abroad or in your own community, we hope you find a way to celebrate and honor the milestone that is International Women’s Day!


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