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Image by Angel Silva


Learn, Serve and Immerse!

Discover Panama: Adventures
filled with Wildlife & Culture!

Panama is an exciting eco-tourism destination steeped in adventure, wildlife, and culture!  Through our Learn, Serve & Immerse travel pillars, we have developed a unique journey to this vibrant country that offers many opportunities to discover and learn about the diverse wildlife, indigenous cultures, and adventure in a beautiful tropical rainforest.  Highlights include:

  • A lovely hike along the Achiote Trail through the Tucán Center, to learn more about the 400 bird species in a lush 4,000-acre protected reserve. 

  • An Immersive two-day homestay in the indigenous village of Soloy, and discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Ngäbe-Buglé people.  

  • Engaging with the indigenous culture by visiting their village and supporting the beautiful artisan masterpieces created by the many communities in Panama.  


Dates for this trip are custom, and pricing is based on number of people and days. Click below and learn more, or contact us for more information!

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