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 Support the Cuban People Trips

Enjoy Cuba's welcoming culture, music-filled streets, and immersive opportunities for all ages! Known for its colonial charm, diverse art scene, and thriving biodiversity, this Caribbean nation has become the destination to visit for travelers of all ages. All of our immersive trips to Cuba are in compliance with the U.S. travel requirements under OFAC §515.574 general license to Support the Cuban People and provide humanitarian support. 

Cuba: Explore & Color with Colorful Havana

Inspired by Colorful Havana Explore & Color coloring book, this is a fun trip to Cuba for kids and adults alike has meaningful interactions to Support the Cuban People !  Exploring Cuba through the lens of the coloring book as a guide, you can explore many of Havana's colorful locations, including 9 of Cuba's UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the colonial cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos. And for those wanting more of a challenge, we have included a scavenger hunt based on the books’ illustrations!

Discover Cuba's Artistic Culture 

Immerse in Cuba’s artistic culture as we discover and learn from meaningful exchanges with Cuban artists, local actors and small business owners at inspiring community projects in Casas de la CuluturaThese community cultural centers throughout Cuba foster various forms of artsistic expression, and serve as venues for exhibitions and performing arts.  

We offer customized trips to Cuba for organizations or school to have with meaningful "Support the Cuban People" exchanges with Cubans from all walks of life, including music, architectural preservation, art, cuisine, and literature.  

 Learn, Serve and Immerse on a customized family trip to Cuba filled with authentic exchanges with artists, dancers, school students, and farmers, and more, which all meet the U.S. Travel requirements in Support of the Cuban People! 

Cuban Taxi
 Photos by Lisa Merrill of Merrill Images, Trip Leader of Global Family Travels' Ecuador Photography and Cultural Tour.  Lisa offers private and group travel photography workshops throughout the Seattle area.  To learn more and view Lisa's online galleries, visit
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