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A wealth of cultural diversity

and natural wonders!  

Explore Indonesia's Abundant
Nature and Cultural Heritage

Allow yourself to be swept away by the amazing cultural heritage, natural  landscapes, and peoples of the diverse country Indonesia! With over 17,000 islands, 300,000 wildlife species, 700 languages and 273 million people, exploring the wonders of the Indonesian archipelago is beyond remarkable.  Embrace the principles of learning, serving, and immersing yourself as you traverse these captivating islands with Global Family Travels! 


Learn more in our latest blog post: Indonesia: Sustainable Travel Beyond the Beaches of Bali.  Please also visit our Bali Destination page for our unique Learn, Serve and Immerse adventures.

Java & Borneo: Explore the
Heart of Indonesia’s Diversity 

Explore the Heart of diversity in Java and Borneo! In Borneo, you'll encounter unique wildlife in lush rainforests, including orangutans and pygmy elephants. You will also connect with Javanese locals while learning about their food, culture, and agriculture, exploring the bustling capital city of Jakarta, and visiting the world’s largest Buddhist temple,  the Borobudur.

Tropical Tranquility in Bali & Komodo

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Indonesia by visiting the magical islands of Bali and Komodo.  Home of the Komodo dragon monitor lizard and the Komodo National Park, Komodo is a region recognized as a global conservation region with a vast array of flora and fauna. Highlights of this adventure is the immersive experiences with our community partners and a boat cruise to uninhabited islands where you can explore the stunning white sand beaches.

Island Harmony in Bali & Lombok

Explore the rugged beauty of Lombok Island and magical Bali and become an integral part of these destinations' stories. On Lombok, from the spectacular coastline of Mandalike to the jaw dropping landscapes of Mount Rinjani, you will be in awe of all its hidden gems.  This adventure offers the opportunity to engage in a meaningful exploration that involves learning from local Indonesians, serving local organizations, and immersing in cultural and historic traditions.

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