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 “I have always been fascinated by India, and getting the chance to visit this exhilarating country with other donors to the Kiran Anjali Project was the perfect blend of culture, charity and sightseeing.  What touched me the most about this trip, organized by Global Family Travels, were the one-on-one experiences of seeing the projects that KAP supports. After visiting the Wings School, Carnation Learning Center and Baale Mane, I have a better understanding of what life is like in India if you are a child of poverty.” 


- Debra Williamson, 2017 trip participant of the KAP Donor Trip to India (Be sure to read the blog post Debra wrote about the trip!)

“Empathy is a 21st century skill that is not really being taught in our school classrooms. I’m glad to see that Global Family Travels is addressing this through its trips and programs.” - The Zolkewitz Family

“Traveling to Nicaragua made me realize how much we take for granted, and how much we have. Yet, with what they did have, they made the best of it and seemed much happier without the numerous responsibilities that burden those in the developed world. We worry about such seemingly large problems with outcomes that barely effect our lives.”

“Immersion took me outside my comfort zone sometimes, but in a great way that I will always remember and be glad about. Most of my favorite times on the trip were during our homestay or when our guide took us to a truly local place and we hung out and played with the locals. Everyone was so nice!” – Chelsea, age 18

We initially approached Jennifer Spatz to put together a high school mission trip as a meaningful opportunity for high school students to go outside their comfort zone, immerse in another culture while serving people who really needed it, satisfying graduation community service requirements and gaining a college application essay-worthy experience. Soccer and Spanish were a part of our daughter’s life that we thought would appeal to other students, and Nicaragua appealed for the opportunity to help in the 2nd poorest country in the Americas. And Jenn had been there! Jenn embraced this trip, bringing in Fernando, and we’re excited that everything came together so beautifully! The student age range added an additional layer of experience for both the younger and older travelers. Thank you to Jennifer for all of her efforts to provide a quality and purpose-driven travel experience for everyone.


- The Springman Family

“Amazing trip! From the planning stage to the very end, Kelly McCoy and Global Family Travels covered every detail. There were three generations traveling together and we all enjoyed the activities that were planned for us.” 

- Leslie Womack (2019)

“It had been a dream for many years for both my husband and me to travel to Cuba, but we were unsure how to go about planning a trip, especially with all the newly evolving travel regulations. Jennifer Spatz with Global Family Travels put together a detailed travel package based on the areas we wanted to visit and had suggestions for many wonderful things to see and do. Everything was setup and arranged for us and our trip could not have gone smoother.The tour guide/driver she arranged was fabulous. Having lived in Havana his entire life, he had unsurpassed knowledge and saw us through our entire visit. We had a wonderful place to stay and activities and dining experiences setup to immerse us in the local community and culture.What we most appreciated about Global Family Travels is they have a purpose, so along with seeing a beautiful country, they connected us with the lovely people of Cuba as well. We wouldn’t have changed a thing and feel we received an A+ trip and one of the most memorable and educational experiences we’ve ever had. While it’ll be hard to beat this experience, we’re looking forward too many more similar experiences in the future. Thank you to Jennifer and Global Family Travels for everything, we couldn’t have done it without you..” 

- James & Marci Owen (Dec. 2019)

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