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Learn, Serve and Immerse in Willamette National Forest

 Oregon: Regenerate Forests and

Communities from Wildfires

Global Family Travels is excited and proud to be part of a collaborative effort with First Nature Tours and Cascade Volunteers to bring Oregon tourism back from the devastating effects of both a global pandemic and the massive wildfires of 2020. A treasured destination with outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities, such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and rafting, these communities along Oregon's McKenzie River depend on quality recreation sites that are currently in need of repair and revitalization.  On this Learn, Serve and Immerse adventure, you’ll learn about wildfire recovery and prevention, and partake in trail-building projects, while also enjoying local outdoor adventure activities.  Contact us for custom dates for your group, and combine this with other experiences from Global Family Travels' Seattle Community Adventures & Team Building Experiences.

This weekend adventure supports the McKenzie Regenerative Travel Project, an initiative to support the communities and ecosystems along the McKenzie River corridor with wildfire recovery.  

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By working and staying directly in the wildfire impacted communities of the McKenzie River corridor, participants will hear the stories and perspectives of local citizens and organizations working towards restoring vitality to the region. 

Participants will also connect with the natural environment through several adventure activities, such as hiking, rafting, visiting hot springs, and mountain biking.



This community-based experience provides participants with the opportunity to learn and grow by working on a regenerative project to help rebuild natural public spaces in the McKenzie River area of Oregon’s Willamette National Forest.  Learning themes unique to the educational experience with the Cascade Volunteers include:

  • Learning how public lands are managed, particularly regions overseen by the National Forest Service. 

  • Impact and management of wildfires on public lands and neighboring communities.  

  • Land stewardship, including forest restoration and rehabilitation practices.

  • Codes of conduct and safety protocols as a volunteer in a public lands.

  • Develop knowledge and skills about trail maintenance, tree planting, and campsite restoration.

  • Decision-making and best practices in cooperative work environments.

  • Understanding ecosystems, and the intersection of human needs and natural cycles. 


Participants will volunteer for 10 - 12 hours in various project locations around the McKenzie River region as directed by professional volunteer coordinators within Cascade Volunteers’ organizational network.


Participants will play an active role in tasks such as:

  • Tree planting

  • Trail maintenance

  • Campsite restoration

  • User trail decommissioning

  • Sign installation

  • Wilderness boundary sign replacement

  • Mountain bike trail work


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