Regenerative Tourism Defined: 3 Examples of Destination Stewardship

The term “regenerative travel” has been in the headlines a great deal lately and those not in the travel industry may suddenly be wondering what the two terms – “regenerative” and “travel” have to do with one another.

While the concept of sustainable travel is well known by now, and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council has even created a set of sustainable travel criteria, the tourism industry has more recently witnessed the rise of regenerative travel since the global pandemic began.

At Global Family Travels, we have long been inspired by the principles of regenerative tourism, and oftentimes organize impactful trips that support many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals designed to help solve community challenges in the destinations we visit. Therefore, let’s further break down what regenerative travel actually looks like in practice, and explore a few concrete examples from our Seattle community Tours and Pacific Northwest Regenerative Adventures, which focus on encouraging Destination Stewardship.