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Transformational Trips to Support the Global Goals

Travel is a powerful tool, and if done sustainably and ethically, it is an incredible vehicle to support local communities and the natural environment of destination we visit. Protecting environmental resources and biodiversity, respecting the cultural heritage and values of a destination and ensuring that host communities benefit economically are paramount to sustainability.

We at Global Family Travels are passionate about creating community-based, family-friendly trips that are truly meaningful, encouraging travelers of all ages to become both stewards of the environment and citizens of the world. Guided by our three community-based pillars of “Learn, Serve & Immerse,” every tour, every experience and every destination shares a commitment to sustainability.

In fact, we aim go one step further, by applying principles of regenerative tourism, working with local non-profits or community led organizations to help ensure that the travel experiences we design intentionally benefit local communities and environmental systems, so that all beings can thrive in a holistic way. (Listen to our Founder share principles of regenerative tourism: Regenerative Tourism: When Sustainability isn't Enough, a Podcast by Common Ground/Toposohy.)

Community-Based Travel in Support of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Community-based tourism is a catalyst for positive change, offering the opportunity for visitors and host community members to make meaningful connections, and Global Family Travels approach to tourism ensures that our travel experiences we design help make a meaningful contribution to people’s lives and the local environment of the destinations we visit, and we are honored to partner with several organizations to deliver community-based adventures, both globally and locally.

In developing our Learn, Serve & Immerse travel experiences, Global Family Travels is also inspired by many key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

The Global Goals are 17 social, environmental and economic goals that frame the global agenda for sustainable development between now and 2030.

In the words of the United Nations, " Tourism is one of the world's fastest growing industries and an important source of foreign exchange and employment, while being closely linked to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of many countries, especially developing countries."

Many of the Global Family Travels' community-based adventures are designed around key sustainable development issues, such as the Global Goals that support Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Life Below Water, and Life on Land. The Global Goals provide a good framework to align travel experiences with sustainable, or even regenerative tourism initiatives, to offer travelers to be stewards of the destination they visit.

Travel with HEART : Discounts on 6 Transformational Trips

Global Family Travels invites you to take advantage of our Travel with Heart Holiday Promotion that span from the beautiful island of Bali, the glaciers of Iceland, the rainforests of Costa Rica, the Andean traditions in Peru, to women-empowered communities of Rwanda and the grasslands of Tanzania, These HEART-felt, community-based adventures are designed with Transformational Travel Council Principles. Each of these unique trips offers a powerful combination of learning, community engagement and immersive travel experiences that allow travelers to benefit in profound ways, including personal growth and empowerment through service, expanded awareness of other cultures, and strengthening of family bonds.

Discover Bali on a Global Classroom Adventure!

An island famous for its stunning beaches, captivating culture, and mystical traditions, on our family-friendly, Balinese adventure in June of 2024, you’ll learn about the Tri Hita Karana, the central philosophy of the Balinese people. A featured trip in Parents magazine about family travel and its role in sustainable travel, this educational trip to Bali to take a deep dive into examining the negative effects of plastics on Life Below Water, By spending your days engaging in activities with Balinese people, you will get a deep sense of the culture and daily life in Bali. Learning local arts at the banjar, visiting sacred temples and palaces, seeing a traditional shadow puppet performance, and visiting local organizations addressing some of Bali’s biggest challenges will give you a truly unforgettable immersive experience. This Balinese program has a balance of immersive cultural adventures to foster global citizens while having fun!

Explore Costa Rica and Take a Deep Dive into Sustainable Tourism

Enjoy a fun 9-day adventure in Costa Rica's beautiful rainforests, volcanoes, wildlife reserves, and beaches. You’ll also participate in sustainable tourism projects that benefit local conservation initiatives and improve the lives of people in the communities we visit. This incredible Pura Vida adventure emphasizes authentic cultural experiences to give you a true taste of the amazing experiences that Costa Rica has to offer!

Iceland: A Transformative Adventure to Inspire Climate Change

This family-friendly adventure in Iceland will have you immersed in living science, giving you opportunities to explore the beauty of this ever-changing landscape and learn firsthand about Iceland’s geothermal and volcanic activity, as well as how Iceland has harnessed its natural resources. With an expert guide at your side, you will learn how climate change has affected Iceland’s geography and wildlife, witnessing how nature reacts to the retreat of a glacier and volcano eruptions, as well as learn how the changing ocean temperatures have threatened some of the local wildlife. B

By the time you leave Iceland you will truly know the impacts of climate change, how to treat the environment in a sustainable way and hopefully have some ideas about what you personally can do to minimize your impact and help mitigate climate change. Learn more about this transformative adventure in our recent blog.

Journey to Peru through the Lens of Chalay: Andean Culture & Food

In partnership with community organizations, ANDES Association, Potato Park and Awamaki, this truly regenerative journey through Peru’s Sacred Valley, with a lens on Andean culture and the sacred nature of food, land, and the people who cultivate it, offers the opportunity to immerse and learn firsthand from farmers, artisans, and Indigenous peoples about ancient farming techniques and economic practices, traditions which have protected food sovereignty and biodiversity in the Andes, while adapting to the challenges of food security, climate change, water shortages, and biodiversity loss.

Participants on this trip will also learn about Chalay, the ancient Andean practice of bartering, or trading goods without the use of money. Through alternative economic systems, chalay strengthens relations between friends and families from diverse agricultural zones where seeds and food are thought to be members of the family.

Journey to Rwanda and learn how this country Empowers Women!

From urban to rural, our ultimate Rwanda Women's Empowerment adventure, facilitated by Kelly McCoy, our African Specialist will give travelers a deeper understanding of how Rwanda is seen as a global leader for the economic and political empowerment of women, and through this are able to provide a higher level of education, health care and standard of living for themselves and dependents.

Participants on this heartfelt Learn, Serve and Immerse 10-day journey will have an opportunity to meet Rwandan women who work with impactful non-profit organizations, and learn about their initiatives and programs supporting community members, as well as experience life and culture in the Kigali region. Additional experiences include visits to sites dedicated to the 1994 Genocide, enjoying the stunning views of the Nyungwe Forest and remote regions of Rwanda and experiencing life, culture and art in these spaces, from drumming troupes to tea planting, and a safari ride.

Support Local Education and Conservation on a Tanzanian Safari

Tanzania is home to some of the most impressive game reserves and national parks in the world. Every day on our Learn, Serve & Immerse Tanzania adventure, your family will find yourselves face-to-face with a new creature and awe-inspiring sights, such as hundreds of avian species in the Rift Valley, giraffes along Lake Natron, leopards and lions in the Serengeti, and more!

During this adventure, you will also visit a local Maasai village, meet students at the Ganako Secondary School, and learn how the Karatu Education Fund (KEF) is making a positive impact in these kids’ lives.


Travel with Heart in 2024 and give your family a holiday gift they will always remember, the gift of meaningful travel! Whether is is one of these six adventures, or one of our thoughtfully planned itineraries, Global Family Travels hopes you will Expand Your Family Circle with us in 2024 on an impactful adventure that includes opportunities to experience the joy and fulfillment of connecting with local community!

More About Transformational Travel

Global Family Travels is honored to be a Travel Designer for the the Transformational Travel Council. One of the many guiding principles of the TTC is to Travel with HEART, which means to be Humble, be Engaged, be Awake, be Resilient, be Thankful for to the opportunity to travel. Having Heart means caring about yourself, others, and the destination you visit, so that you’re not only positively impacting the community and environment you encounter when you travel, but simultaneously learning and growing.

Thank you to our sustainable tourism partners for use of some of the images in this blog, including the Karatu Education Fund and Imvelo Safari Lodge.


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