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Learn, Serve and Immerse!

Belize: Immerse in Mayan Culture 

Looking to learn and connect while traveling, yet still have fun and an adventure? Come to Belize! From remote Mayan cities nestled in the jungle to a kaleidoscope of marine life, this country has fascinating adventures for everyone!  

Belize’s mountains and oceans harbor ancient civilizations and world-renown biodiversity create an exciting combination of adventure and culture. Indulge in astounding nature-based excursions in Belize, such as hiking through jungles listening to howler monkeys, exploring jungle-deep Mayan ruins, floating through limestone caves, and snorkeling in the blue-green waters of the Caribbean.    Join us and experience one of the most adventurous and fascinating vacations! 

Dates for this trip are custom, and pricing is based on number of people and days. Click below and learn more, or contact us for more information!

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