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Cultural Immersion With Rwanda Women


Learn, Serve & Immerse

Rwanda Women Empowerment Activities: Learn, Serve, and Immerse

From urban to rural, this ultimate Rwanda experience, offered both in a group adventure and custom dates, will give travelers a deeper understanding of how Rwanda is seen as a global leader for the economic and political empowerment of women, and through this are able to provide a higher level of education, health care and standard of living for themselves and dependents.

Since the devastating Genocide of 1994, Rwandan leadership has helped to amplify gender equality and narrow the gender gap and the country is revered as the most pro-woman country in the world. Learn more in our latest blog Participants on this heartfelt Learn, Serve and Immerse 10-day journey to Rwanda will have an opportunity to learn firsthand about this remarkable achievement through engaging visits with representatives of non-profit organizations, who will share and their initiatives and programs supporting community members and women, and experience life and culture in the Kigali region.   There will also be experiences to get a glimpse of Rwanda’s past through emotional visits to sites dedicated to the 1994 Genocide and will also take in the stunning natural views of the Nyungwe Forest and remote regions of Rwanda and experience life, culture and art in these spaces, from drumming troupes to tea planting, and a safari ride. 

Listen to a recorded Information Session about this Rwanda Trip!

 Small Group Adventure (June, 2023)

 Custom Adventures (You pick!)

Background on Rwanda

”We cannot claim to be on a sustainable path to transform Rwanda if we exclude women, who are more than half of the population.” – HE President Paul Kagame, 2003.

Paving the way for Empowered Women: Today, Rwanda is seen as a case study for resilience and empowerment, especially for women. Despite the Genocide in 1994 that claimed almost one-third of the Rwandan population, the country has seen exceptional strides in empowering women and sustaining environments.  Women were historically marginalized in Rwandan society, but since the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, Rwandan leadership has helped to amplify gender equality and narrow the gender gap to the highest level of admiration and become globally revered as the most pro-woman country in the world.   Participants on this trip will learn firsthand about this history and how the country has evolved to uplift and empower women through community, socio-economic development, and supportive NGOs.   Learn more in our latest blog 

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