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Rwanda: From Genocide to Healing, A Transformative Experience of Women’s Empowerment

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

In the 27 years since the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi during the Rwandan civil war, Rwanda has evolved into a dynamic world leader on many fronts.

From being a global leader in promoting unity and forgiveness, to the country’s strides on the environmental front, including becoming one of the first countries in the world to ban plastic bags in 2008 and later establishing a monthly, nationwide community trash clean-up day—Rwanda has become a country to watch.

But what Rwanda is perhaps most notably known for today is being a global leader that uplifts, empowers, and supports women through community and socio-economic development.

Cultural Immersion With Kigali Rwanda Women

Rwanda: Bold Commitments to Gender Equality and Women's Leadership

The Rwandan government has boldly committed to moving from policy to planning and action regarding community-centered equity and inclusion. In fact, the constitution of Rwanda provides for equality between men and women without discrimination of any kind.

In the aftermath of the genocide, Rwanda was so demolished, so broken, it simply could not rebuild with men's labor alone. The call for equality stems from this challenge and is reinforced in the country's new constitution. Passed in 2003, the constitution decrees that 30 percent of parliamentary seats be reserved for women.

And today, what few might know, is Rwanda is ranked number one globally for women in leading roles in national government. Today, women in Rwanda hold 62% of parliamentary seats and 51% of cabinet seats. According to the World Economic Forum and UN Women, a United Nations entity dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, Rwanda is also ranked among the top 10 in the world for having narrowed the gender gap.

Rwanda Kigali - Women Empowerment Art

A Transformative Women's Empowerment Trip to Rwanda

As borders begin opening again around the world and travelers begin planning their next adventures, Global Family Travels envisions a bigger, bolder, and more dynamic world of travel that specializes in inclusiveness, empowerment, and community-based experiences. We are dedicated to ensuring that the experiences and tours we offer are centered around those foundational ideas and we are especially excited to share our Women's Empowerment Trip to Rwanda, which underscores all of those important themes.

This soul-stirring Rwanda adventure from Global Family Travels is a community-based women's empowerment program that immerses participants in the natural beauty of the "Land of a Thousand Hills," the culture and friendliness of the Rwandan people, and the act of practicing truth reconciliation, justice, unity, and co-existence.

Women Empowerment Activity For Empowering Young Women

From urban to rural, this 10-day Learn, Serve & Immerse Journey to Rwanda gives travelers a deeper understanding of how the country has transformed to become a global leader for women's economic and political empowerment. Because of this transformation, Rwandan women can provide a higher level of education, health care, and standard of living for themselves and their dependents.

Travelers on this adventure will have the opportunity to engage with leaders from inspiring Rwandan NGOs; learn about initiatives and programs supporting community members and women; experience life and culture in the Kigali region, and enjoy a short safari!

Before the journey ends, participants will also understand Rwanda's past via emotional visits to sites dedicated to the 1994 genocide, including learning about and honoring the victims whose lives were claimed by this unspeakable tragedy.

There will also be an opportunities to take in the stunning natural views of the Nyungwe Forest and remote regions of Rwanda, experiencing life, culture, and art in these spaces, from drumming troupes to tea planting. A safari ride will also be among the highlights of this part of the journey.

Woman Empowerment Activities With Rwanda Women

This ultimate Rwanda experience has been thoughtfully designed to showcase all facets of empowerment—from urban to rural—providing a deeper understanding of the ways in which Rwanda is increasingly seen as a global case study for positive women representation and inclusion worldwide.

We invite you to join us in February of 2023 on this transformative journey to Rwanda, and be part of the movement to globalize Rwanda's movement to empower all women and communities! (Click here for Trip Details)


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