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 Family Trips

Learn, Serve and Immerse on a family tour of China!

Effective January 1, 2024, travel to China has become easier, with a streamlined visa process.  Please contact us if you want to plan a custom trip to China.

Global Family Travels China tours emphasize authentic cultural immersion experiences to give you a true taste of China and amazing opportunities to live and work with a Chinese family, or volunteer in a panda sanctuary!
We offer three tour options, and we can also fully customized an adventure to fit your family’s travel needs. 

China: Learn, Serve and Immerse

Learn about Chinese culture and history firsthand!  Visit the 500 year old Imperial Palace known as the Forbidden City, hike along one of the most well preserved sections of the Great Wall and make dumplings with a locals. On this tour, you’ll have unique opportunities to serve, working side-by-side with staff at a panda sanctuary in Chengdu, and be immersed in daily Chinese life through a home-stay with a family in Sichuan Province.

Discover China: Photo Tour

Discover China in a way very few ever do on a photography tour! This trip takes you to experience not only the traditional areas of China, but guides you off the beaten path where you can see how people outside the major tourist areas really live. All along the way, you’ll be accompanied by professional photographer, Dan Sandoval, who will give you instruction and guidance to help you get the most from your photos, regardless what camera set up you’re shooting with.

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China's Cultural Crossroads

This Global Family Travels’ tour gives you a true taste of both urban and rural China. Besides visiting some of its best-loved destinations, such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, you will also have the chance to volunteer in a panda sanctuary in Sichaun Province and enjoy cultural interactions with students at a migrant school in Beijing. Whether you find yourself drinking tea and playing Mahjong with the locals, joining in a morning Taiji practice, or making dumplings with a local family, this tour offers plenty of opportunities to “do as the locals do.”

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