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A Photo Tour


China is a truly mouthwatering destination for any photographer.  China’s cities are host to a colorful array of people and activity set against a back drop of sharp contrast where ancient streets and old traditions mix with modern skyscrapers and the latest technology.  Despite the rapid pace of modernization throughout much of China, on this tour you will experience a land of ancient wonders as you walk along the famous Great Wall, explore remarkable archaeological sites, and visit remote villages where the old customs are still observed.

Our tour begins in the magnificent city of Beijing. Renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, huge stone walls and gates, Beijing has been the political center of China for centuries and was host to the 2008 Summer Olympics. Here, you will stroll through the Imperial Forbidden City and see the ramparts and watchtowers of the ever-present Great Wall. After Beijing, we travel to Chengdu. In Chengdu, we will explore the laid back lifestyle that is so famous in China.

We will then travel to Heishui, visiting the incredible Dagu Glacier National Park as well as the natural beauty of the landscapes. Our group will also spend several days volunteering in a local community. We will teach the children about photography (many have never seen a digital camera), play games and sports together, exchange language lessons and participate in art projects.

Next, we’ll travel south to visit Shanghai, an international business hub and the most populous city in the world. In Shanghai you can almost feel China’s economic boom beneath your feet.  Skyscrapers, European Concession architecture and traditional Chinese neighborhoods all blend together to create an exciting visual feast. After a short but satisfying stay in bustling Shanghai, we’ll depart from our trip.


from $2,975

12 days, 11 nights


Tour Highlights
Location Map
  • Two days of service with a local community

  • Photography – Deepen your photography skills with the guidance of photography expert, Dan Sandoval.

  • Chinese culture and history.

  • Current social issues in China, including:

  • Social Inequality and the rights of migrant workers

  • How the rapid pace of change in the last decade has impacted the Chinese people, for better or for worse

More Info

 What to expect regarding photography lessons from the trip?


On the first day of arrival, we will meet Dan, our photography expert and trip leader, for a brief orientation session. The first few days of the journey, Dan will conduct casual workshops explaining some basic shooting tips and photography advice and provide a useful critique of the photos taken. Depending on the level of each group, Dan will prepare customized workshop to carry out throughout the trip. Every two days, an assignment will be given using various photographic themes, such as portrait or landscape shooting, shooting motion, or shooting using color. As we progress through the trip, Dan will provide daily feedback of the images, and how to use the newly taught skills. Throughout the days, Dan will be on hand to answer any questions. Towards the end of the trip, we’ll represent the group’s best work to celebrate both the skills learned and all the magical moments captured on camera.


A note:  Our philosophy at Global Family Travel’s is to let the country be your guide.  We will certainly do all we can to offer you everything that is on the schedule. However, should an unexpected event arise, we suggest that our travelers be flexible to change plans so that we can deal with the issue or take advantage of the situation.   Meals included in the program cost are listed as B (breakfast), L (lunch) and D (dinner) for each day.

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