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Gap Year and Family Sabbatical Planning

Interested in traveling around the world with your family? Are you planning a gap year and
don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are considering a world schooling experience? No
matter where your extended travels take you, Global Family Travels knows how to design
extraordinary travel itineraries using a collaborative approach to designing the trip of a lifetime!  Contact us today for a free consultation on your extended travel plans.

With over a decade of developing impactful trips and custom travel planning experiences, Global Family Travels aligns our adventures around our mission and three pillars of Learn, Serve, and Immerse and regenerative tourism principles. Every product we design meets these standards to deliver inspiring journeys to help you experience the world from the perspective of our host countries, to impact the planet positively, and to engage you as a global citizen.

Global Family Travels knows the world, and we are ready to help you experience an
extraordinary journey.  Contact us for a free consultation on any of these Family Sabbatical Extended Travel or Gap Year options. We would love to get you started today!

Collaborative Planning

We work closely with you and your family to understand your travel goals, intentions, and aspirations. We then create itineraries to destinations where you can immerse yourself into the ways of the people, traditions, and cultures. And of course, working with your budget.


Vetted in-country partners
and Immersive Experiences

Our family Gap Year or sabbatical planning services involve providing you with detailed destination information, including any country's cultural and social norms, the economic and political situation, seasonal weather, and the knowledge of when and where the best place and time to travel could be during any season. We also provide you with off-the-beaten path activities to connect you with local communities.

Our team spends much time on the road ourselves, scouting out adventures and lodging while deepening relationships with partners and tour guides. Through our relationships with global partners, we will connect you with vetted travel guides and tour operators and be a contact to assist you during your travel abroad. You can trust to receive a personal touch with every detail of the trip because it is customized to your wants and needs.

Family Gap Year or Extended Travel Options for Digital Nomads

Global Family Travels can help you plan any extended travel itinerary. Let these three
categories get you started thinking about your global travel destinations!

Family Gap Year Travel or Sabbatical

Traditionally, a Gap Year is a year or two of travel between high school graduation and college to provide a break from academics. Adults call them sabbaticals, but that is just semantics! A family gap year works for any age, allowing you and your loved ones to connect on a global adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy a variety of rich experiences that promote growth and learning, while working and schooling remotely! Your family Gap Year can be as simple as a site-seeing adventure or as deep as a world school journey - it's
entirely up to you!

Plan Your Adventure!
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Peru Awamaki.jpg

World Travel and Global Citizenship

Imagine exploring the globe with your children, living experiences that expand and deepen the relationship between yourselves and the world! Immersive family travel for a longer duration provides the opportunity to deepen your understanding of different cultures and become an active advocate for protecting the planet. Global Family Travels offers the opportunity to experience different communities worldwide while creating lasting memories that can shape your life for the better.

Plan Your Adventure!

World Schooling

The opportunity to use the world as your child's classroom is a unique way to strengthen their education and personal development. As you and your children explore the globe, you can partner with different organizations to positively impact your kiddos, locals, landscapes, and eco-sphere. Every detail of a World Schooling journey will be thoughtfully planned so that your children can experience different communities and cultures worldwide while creating lasting memories that can shape their lives for the better.

Plan Your Adventure!
SSP-GFT Student photo-Spatz kids.jpg

 Gap Year Experiences  

These examples of regenerative, community-based adventures we have developed give you with a deeper understanding of what types of experiences we can create for your family (One of our current gap year clients has written about some of these experiences in their family blog: Team VIA.):  

In partnership with community organizations, ANDES Association, the Potato Park and Awamaki, our journey through Peru’s Sacred Valley offers the opportunity to immerse and learn firsthand from farmers, artisans, and Indigenous peoples about ancient farming techniques and economic practices, traditions which have protected food sovereignty and biodiversity in the Andes, while adapting to the challenges of food security, climate change, water shortages, and biodiversity loss.

  • Ecuador Hacienda and Farm Stay

In the foothills of the mountains, you and your family can stay in a cozy hacienda to have the authentic Ecuadorian experience. During your time, you can choose from a wide array of activities including horseback riding, cooking classes, hiking, and more!

Work with Balinese non-profit organizations and learn about the impact of plastics and the water crisis on the island. This opportunity focuses on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals allowing travelers to not only better the planet, but also themselves.

This educational and carbon-neutral trip gives you the opportunity to view whales and puffins, learn how Iceland moved to renewable energy, and the environmental changes being observed. This immersive, hands-on adventure is sure to inspire the whole family and educate along the way.

Global Family Travels knows the world, and we are ready to help you learn, serve, and immerse yourself in it.  Contact us today for a free consultation on any of these Extended Travel options. We would love to get you started today.

Our Process for Gap Year Planning

We believe collaboration is the best way to design extraordinary travel itineraries. Our trip design process includes collaborating with you and your family to understand your travel goals, intentions, and aspirations. We then create itineraries to destinations where you can explore the ways of the people, traditions, and cultures. 


Our Mission

Creating a better world starts today. Global Family Travels is dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding and global citizens through community-based travel. In partnership with local and global non-profit organizations and community leaders, we organize sustainable Learn, Serve & Immerse trips and one-day Seattle-area excursions in support of many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

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