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Learn, Serve and Immerse 

Explore Chile on a
Learn, Serve & Immerse Adventure!

Join us on a Learn, Serve & Immerse adventure in Chile, a land of diverse remarkable natural wonders and vibrant cultures, history and culinary (and wine) delights! From the otherworldly Atacama Desert, known as the driest place on Earth, to the rugged beauty of Patagonia's glaciers and fjords and the breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park, Chile boasts a diverse tapestry of ecosystems that invite visitors to protect its natural beauty.  


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Chile: Explore the Lakes District

and North Patagonia

Learn, Serve & Immerse in the stunning Lakes District of Chile. This journey takes you to up north to the Lakes District, where you will explore Chiloé and the lesser-traveled North Patagonia, where you will immerse yourself in the region’s quaint towns and breathtaking nature. Highlights include enjoying delicious meals in the homes of local chefs, climbing a volcano in Vicente Perez Rosalez National Park, contributing to rewilding initiatives in Park Patagonia, and trekking through the scenic valley of El Callao!

Chile’s Parks: Conservation & Rewilding in Patagonia

Engage directly in impactful conservation efforts within one of our planet’s most awe-inspiring natural marvels by embarking on an extraordinary journey to Chile that blends conservation, cultural exploration, and immersive experiences. Experience the rich culture of an Indigenous community, hike up an active volcano in Pumalín National Park,  contribute to rewilding efforts in Park Patagonia, and paddle your way to the stunning Marble Caves of Lago General Carrera! 

Chilean Culinary Adventure: Discover Chile One Bite at a Time!

Experience Chile through the lens of food, culture, and community! On this exciting journey across Santiago, Valparaíso, Santa Cruz, and more, you will be fully immersed in the diverse cultures of Chile, from city to countryside. From the exceptionally bright food markets to the fishermen’s docks, this journey will take you to the places where some of the world’s best food is sourced directly. Moreover, you will also learn how to prepare a delicious assortment of Chilean cuisine, including a meal from Masterchef Chile Finalist Almendra Santibañez!

Chile: Explore the Atacama Desert:

Experience the vast Atacama Desert and the beautiful wildlife of the region. As you journey through Atacama, you will experience Chile’s most breathtaking natural geological formations,

while also serving both the local community and assisting with wildlife conservation efforts. Whether exploring the vast salt flats, marveling at geysers, or stargazing under the pristine night sky, the Atacama Desert promises an unforgettable journey for you and your family.

Chile: A Patagonia Paradise
Family Trip

This five-day journey through Patagonia is perfect for travelers of all ages! Join us as we explore ancient caves adorned with primitive paintings, marvel at the fjords of Patagonia, journey through the stunning Grey Glacier by boat, and even hike among the last wild Patagonian horses. Join Global Family Travels for a journey that promises to be as enriching as it is exciting and return home with stories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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