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Women'S Empowerment 2022

Regenerative Journeys to Empower Women and Restore Wellness

Regenerative and Heartfelt
Journeys for Women

Global Family Travels sees community tourism as an opportunity to support women and girls around the world. With our “Learn, Serve, Immerse” message in mind and heart, we have created some amazing wellness retreats and heartfelt journeys to Bali, Greater Seattle, Rwanda and Peru, with the goal to help women reconnect to their Divine selves and the world around them.   These adventures also support key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), including gender equality and women's empowerment (UNSDG #5), to help foster equitable rights for girls and women worldwide. 

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Bali: 7 Chakra Retreat with Djaizia Belle

 This 10-day Balinese rejuvenating retreat will be spark mental clarity and creative healing through cultural immersion and mindfulness practices related to the 7-Chakras*.  Wellness and spirituality are at the cornerstone of Balinese culture. This ultimate Bali wellness program infuses connecting to yourself, community, service and immersion, in a unique and focused way to give travelers the opportunity to embrace their experience, dive deep, support communities and celebrate the unique and traditional Balinese approach to wellness, health and human prosperity.

Bhutan Serenity: Yoga, Nature and Culture

Embark on a transformative journey with Tina Templeman to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan with our 9-day wellness retreat, designed to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul amidst breathtaking landscapes and ancient traditions.  This immersive experience offers a harmonious blend of spiritual exploration and physical adventure in one of the happiest places on Earth!

Peru: A Regnerative Journey for Pachamama

Known as Pachamama by the Incas, Mother Earth is seen as the feminine soul of nature and the provider of everything in life. On this 10-day regenerative wellness journey to the charming country of Peru, you will learn about the ancient history and traditions of the Sacred Valley and immerse yourself in the lives of rural Andean women, shamans, and artisans. You will also support various community organizations who preserve ancient Andean traditions of the Sacred Valley, helping to heal our earth and empower women. 

India Through Her Eyes: A Wanderful Adventure! 

Discover India’s unique and charming soul on this adventure with Wanderful, a community of women travelers.  On this 8-day immersive journey over Holi, you will explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, architectural masterpieces, cultural highlights, royalty and discover waves of history in North India!

Women’s Empowerment & Wildlife: A Learn, Serve & Immerse Adventure

This soul-stirring Rwanda adventure from Global Family Travels is a community-based women's empowerment program that immerses participants in the natural beauty of the "Land of a Thousand Hills," the culture and friendliness of the Rwandan people, and the act of practicing truth reconciliation, justice, unity, and co-existence. From urban to rural, this 10-day Learn, Serve & Immerse Journey to Rwanda gives travelers a deeper understanding of how the country has transformed to become a global leader for women's economic and political empowerment. Because of this transformation, Rwandan women can provide a higher level of education, health care, and standard of living for themselves and their dependents.

Greater Seattle: A 7 Chakra Retreat to Regenerate Yourself and Support Community

Explore the diverse history and natural surroundings of Seattle and the Puget Sound region through impactful Seattle Community connections. Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating retreat designed to spark mental clarity and creative healing through cultural immersion and daily chakra-themed*, mindfulness practices. 

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