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Galápagos Island Family Adventures and Photography Trip

Learn, Serve and Immerse with Global Family Travels on an incredible family adventure to the Galápagos Islands, featuring captivating wildlife, community experiences and exciting outdoor adventures!

Made famous by its natural diversity and Charles Darwin alike, Ecuador’s archipelago of 20 islands is a heavily protected national park and offers a glance into one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world that begins on the sea floor and extends into the sky. Each island offers something different and requires that you explore them with park-certified naturalist guides. Here we share an overview of the wondrous discoveries on the islands that we visit on this family adventure.

Santa Cruz Island

Our Galapagos Island Family Adventure begins on Santa Cruz Island with up-close encounters with giant tortoises at Rancho el Manzanillo and the a stop at the nearby Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about local conservation and research efforts of these protected islands.

We also engage with Galápagos residents and school children and learn about their ways of life on the islands of San Cristobal. Travelers will have an opportunity to serve on a school community project, and play soccer with the students. Depending on the needs of the school at the time, we will be able to help paint the school, plant local trees, teach English, or assist with a recycling project.

Photo credit: Lisa Merrill

On our adventure, we will also kayak the Itabaca Channel, which separates the islands of Baltra and Santa Cruz in the Galápagos archipielago. While kayaking, we will enjoy the amazing landscape, clear waters, marine iguanas, sea lions, shorebirds, and more!

North Seymour Island

On our Galápagos Island Family Adventure, we will also discover the natural beauty of North Seymour Island as we hike across the island and observe the thriving wildlife around us. You may see a colony of blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigates which make their nests of twigs on the Palo Santos and salt bushes bordering the beach. Enormous sea lions also bask on the black lava rocks.

Isabela Island:

On Isabela Island, we canoe to Los Tuneles, a special spot formed by lava tunnels eroded by the ocean, and a wonderful area to snorkel and swim. Marine iguanas and penguins thrive in this unique habitat, and sea lions play on the sandy beaches nearby!

A visit to Isabela Island isn’t complete without a stop at the Sierra Negra Volcano, one of the most impressive volcanoes of the Archipelago. Its caldera measures 10 Km across from north to south. Travelers have the option to horse ride back to the top of the caldera to enjoy the amazing view and hike to “Volcan Chico”, a group of small craters and fumaroles, which boasts an amazing landscape of Elizabeth Bay.

On Isabela island, we will visit Tintoreras islet where we might find a colony of white tip sharks resting in a lava canal. Here we can snorkel or swim with the creatures of this unique habitat.

Española Island

Our Galápagos Island Family Adventure ends with a visit to Española Island, where we will go bird watching at Punta Suarez by boat, and snorkeling at Gardner Islet. Punta Suarez is a rocky point of land that sustains one of the most impressive and varied colonies of sea birds in Galapagos.

Customized Family Adventure or join our Wildlife and Photography Trip

The Galápagos Islands are filled with exciting opportunities for your entire family on land and sea. Global Family Travels offers customizable, year-round Galápagos Island Family Adventures.

In July of 2019, we also offer an amazing Galápagos Islands: Wildlife, Community Experiences and Photography Trip, led by photographer Lisa Merrill. Lisa is also Trip Leader of our Ecuador: Culture, Nature and Photo Trip taking place in the Summer of 2018. With images that have been featured in National Geographic Traveler magazine, Lisa will help you take advantage of the Island’s abundant photo opportunities, offering hands-on photo instructions throughout the trip!

By traveling with Global Family Travels, you will Expand Your Family Circle and learn, serve and immerse on this Galápagos Island Family Adventure! Contact us to learn more at

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