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Bay of

Learn, Serve & Immerse

Learn, Serve & Immerse in
Canada's Bay of Fundy 

Learn, Serve and Immerse in the Bay of Fundy, home to the world’s highest tides and the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere.  On this 7-day adventure, you will discover New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy's unique region in all its glory, including its geological formations, terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and immerse in nature and the cultural heritage, while supporting rural communities through thoughtful and locally inspired adventures and interactions.

This experience will give you the unique opportunity to experience the natural history and culture of Fundy Bay in a tangible way. The best-way for you to understand and learn about the community in Fundy is to connect with the locals, eat the food, walks through its natural spaces and venture through historical exhibits and landmarks. 

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