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Expand Your Family Circle in Incredible India!


India's intermingling of diverse peoples, cultures and religions formulates its unique and charming soul. We offer both tailor-made journeys, or small group Learn, Serve & Immerse community-based adventures, that support many global goals while discovering Incredible India.


Ladakh, India: 
Preserve Quality Education, 
Cultural Heritage and the Environment with
the Siddhartha School 

Immerse in the Ladakhi communal culture and gain a deep understanding of the Buddhist culture and traditions of this stunning region, while supporting our long-time non-profit partner, the Siddhartha School, that provides quality education to local children while preserving and enhancing the local culture.  

Learning themes unique to this tour include:

  • Ladakhi cultural traditions

  •  Environmental and social issues affecting the Ladakh region

  • Tibetan Buddhist culture and history

  • Northern Indian culture and history

Trip dates: Summer, 2024

A Textile Adventure
of Ladakh's
Cultural Heritage & History

As a vital stop for Silk Road merchants and traders, Ladakh, India is home to generations of artisans creating exquisite garments, furnishings, and liturgical items from an array of fibers.  

In partnership with the Ladakh Arts and Media Organization, this uniquely curated adventure provides hands-on, immersive learning opportunities with local artisans, shepherds, conservationists, and religious leaders. Explore ancient temples, royal halls, nomadic camps, and the bustling bazaar filled with handmade garments, furnishings, and liturgical items created from an array of fibers.

Connect the common threads and unique characteristics of Ladakh's story with your own and join us in Ladakh!

Trip Dates:  May 21-June 1, 2024

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Regenerating Spirit and Nature: A Compassionate Journey to Ladakh 

Ladakh, India is the perfect location for authentic regenerative travel and a wellness-emphasized journey! Join us in 2024, and learn human and landscape healing modalities through Buddhist cultural rituals and workshops, we will enjoy immersive experiences in sacred and healing spaces with monks, nuns, musicians, artists, Amchi-Tibetan doctors, shamans, yogis, and other important spiritual leaders.  

With Djazia Belle facilitating, you will enjoy daily retreat activities, including a morning routine to uplift your spirit through intention, movement, and meditation aligned with yoga and qigong principles. 

Trip Dates: July 7-19, 2024

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A Sacred Pilgrimage with Buddhist Nuns

What does it mean to live into the vows of a Tibetan Buddhist Nun? Join Global Family Travels on a journey to Ladakh, India, for a Sacred Pilgrimage with Buddhist Nuns and learn first-hand.  With Venerable Tenzin Dasel as our Trip Leader and spiritual guide, and by supporting the good deeds of the Nuns at the Ladakh Nuns Association,  we will learn about the commitment of Ladakhi nuns and how they nurture their communities and the local environment. 

Trip dates: June 25 - July 5, 2024


Learn more on our recorded Travel Session

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Classic India Journey to the Golden Triangle

A perfect way to begin or end your trip, this  all-time classic, India's Golden Triangle tour offers you the opportunity to explore three of the most popular destinations and experience India’s culture and history. Chaotic, crazy, wonderful, daunting, overwhelming and fantastic – you will experience all of these feelings during this trip and leave amazed.

​A Social Impact Photo Adventure in Ladakh, India

Explore the rich cultural heritage and beauty of Ladakh, India while learning photography and visual storytelling skills from Merrill Images.


In partnership with the Ladakh Arts & Media Organization (LAMO), we will also help showcase the vital work of Ladakhi non-profits that are preserving cultural heritage and fostering sustainable development.


Trip Dates:  Summer,  2025 

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Exploring the Beauty and Culture of South India

South India is a beautiful part of the country which offers similarly colorful cultural experiences that North India does, but at a more relaxed pace which we found more ideal for traveling with children. We were impressed with the natural beauty of South India’s forests, backwaters, spice plantations, and safari opportunities in wild life sanctuaries!  We offer customized tours for families or groups to South India, similar to our recent exploration in two of South India’s states, Kerala and Karnataka.  Custom Trip and dates.


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