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Northwest Team Building Experience


Engage your team in a day of learning and caring for our community. With a visit to the Pike Market Food Bank, your team will learn about the history of Pike Place Market and the development of the Food Band and will engage in a service project that will support those engulfed in some of our communities’ biggest challenges like hunger and homelessness.


While fulfilling our civic duty to care for our community, teams will also walk away with an appreciation of how caring for your community can draw a team closer and recognize the importance of caring for your work community as well.

Participants can choose from a variety of market service projects like:

  • Market Gleaning – Start a Food Bank and travel through historic Pike Place Market picking up donations from vendors.

  • Home Delivery Assistance – Pack grocery bags for our homebound neighbors. Assist with assembling bags and delivering to residents in Pike Place Market.

  • Bulk Good Repackaging - Pantry staples like rice, flour, sugar and salt are rare commodities for Food Bank visitors and are crucial for turning ingredients into a meal.  These items can be purchased relatively affordably and repackaged into portions for hundreds or even thousands of households.

  • No-Cook Bag Assembly - Homelessness is on the rise in Seattle and the need for pre-packaged portable food is also increasing. Assembling bags of ready-to-go foods helps us to meet this need in a straightforward way for anyone in downtown who needs the support.

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