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7 Tips to Save for a Big Family Vacation

We know that planning a two-week family vacation can seem like an insurmountable task - not to mention a stretch for any budget. But don’t let that stop you, because there are many ways to save for a big family vacation.

At Global Family Travels, we attempt to keep our trips affordable by offering homestay opportunities while we volunteer, coupled with overnight stays in places committed to sustainable tourism and support of the local community. Here are a few other tips and tricks we’ve uncovered during our research and have found go a long way:

  1. Research your destination. Before creating your budget, it’s important to know as much as possible about the place you wish to visit. Research the average cab fare, costs of local activities or whether tipping is customary. You can then develop a budget that is more accurate and gives you a realistic goal.

  1. Create a family travel fund. Once you determine your trip budget, create a travel fund to which everyone in the family can contribute on a monthly basis. Come up with a list of creative ways your family can save and donate to it, such as holding a garage sale, eating out less, etc.

  2. Open a dedicated savings account. One great way to track funds and stay organized, is to open a separate savings account specifically for your trip. Determine a reasonable amount based on your determined budget, set up regular automatic transfers and watch your funds grow over time.

  1. Set up a crowdfunding website. Establish a crowdfunding page for your trip, particularly if there’s a community service component to the trip and share it with family and friends to help raise money. We recommend Gofundme.

  2. Choose a credit card that give back. Sign up for a credit card that gives you air miles in order to save on airfare cost, which is often the biggest expense of a family trip. Use the card for household expenses, pay those off every month and accrue those miles.

  1. Consider alternative accommodations. Hotels and resorts can be expensive and often separate you from authentic experiences in a destination. Consider living like a local via AirBnB, or in a homestay, if offered as part of the tour. This way, you can learn how to cook some local dishes and save on eating out too, as your family will have access to a full kitchen.

  2. Meal Plan and Cook for your family. Eating every meal at a restaurant while on vacation can put a big toll on your budget. Consider eating a bigger meal at lunch time, and, if you are staying in a place with a kitchen, cook breakfast in and shop the local markets to make a lighter meal at dinner.

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