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Nicaragua Soccer Exchange - Top Ten Highlights

In June of 2015, pack up your cleats and head out with Global Family Travels on an incredible tour of Nicaragua that combines a love of soccer with a cultural exchange like no other! Our service learning project in Nicaragua involves building soccer fields and working in the community of Chacraseca, just outside of the colonial city of Leon. Participants will also enjoy soccer drills and playing games with the locals, orchestrated by a professional soccer coach who will accompany us on the trip.

During our time in the community, travelers will enjoy a home-stay with host families, participating in their daily routines, assisting with cooking or taking care of animals and getting to your know their families and ways of life.

Top ten highlights of this trip to Nicaragua include:

Playing soccer in Nicaragua

  1. Explore Nicaragua’s natural beauty – volcanoes, lakes, coffee plantations

  2. Serve with the local community to improve playing fields & other community projects

  3. Play soccer with Nicaraguan youth and make new friends

  1. Immerse during a 3 night homestay - share, cook, connect with host family

  1. Visit the colonial cities of Leon and Granada

  1. Relax on the island of Ometepe and enjoy it many wonderful activities

  1. Adventures: ziplining, hike volcanoes, learn to surf, and spot wild monkeys on boat tour

  1. Excursions: chocolate making tour, pottery classes, and more!

  1. Shop the local colorful markets

  1. Learn about the Nicaraguan culture and the traditions of this amazing family-friendly country!

Cathedral of Leon

To learn more about our upcoming trip and download the itinerary, visit Global Family Travels’ Nicaragua Soccer Tour page, or contact us at

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