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Nicaragua – a family-friendly vacation destination

Known as the "Land of Lakes and Volcanoes," Nicaragua is a perfect family-friendly vacation destination! Whether you’re seeking pristine beaches and waters, a lovely tropical climate, kid-friendly surf lessons, cultural activities, or amazing rain-forests and jungles, this one-of-a-kind destination really has it all. And, it is considered among the safest countries in Central America. We are excited to share some of our favorite family-friendly activities you can enjoy while visiting Nicaragua.

1. Zip-line through the Canopy Forest - Nicaragua's numerous volcanoes provide endless exploratory activities. A sure favorite among families is zip-lining through the cloud forest covered crater of Mombacho volcano! Your family will learn about the myths and legends of the volcano as you go in search of monkeys, sloths and birds on a hike around the perimeter of its crater.


2. Witness Sea Turtles Nesting - Nicaragua’s Refugio De Vida Silvestre La Flor is one of very few beaches in the world that has an “Arribada,” where thousands of Olive Ridley Turtles come to nest on the same night. Because the Olive Ridley turtle population is threatened with extinction, La Flor nature sanctuary is dedicated to protecting the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and the beach is guarded by Nicaraguan soldiers to stop poachers from stealing the turtle eggs.

Olive Ridely Sea Turtles Nesting in Nicaragua

3. Explore Granada - With its lovely colonial architecture, postcard-worthy sights, fun museums, and exciting new foodie scene, Granada is a city not to be missed during your time in Nicaragua. Make sure you enjoy some time to shop the colorful markets of the lovely city!

4. Discover Ometepe Island - An island formed by two rising volcanoes that positively teems with breathtaking wildlife and gorgeous flora, Ometepe island offers a little of everything that Nicaragua has to offer, from pre-Columbian history, hiking, horseback riding and beautiful beaches!

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

5. Learn the art of Chocolate-making - As recently as a century and a half ago, villagers in outlying areas of Nicaragua still traded the cacao bean, the fatty seed that grows in a pod from the trunk of the cacao tree, as currency. Like true artisan chocolatiers, at the Choco Museum in Granada, you’ll learn the process of how to make chocolate from fermented organic cacao beans. At the end of the workshop you will leave with a sample of your very own handmade Nicaraguan chocolate.

6. Take in the Beauty of Las Isletas - Enjoy paddle boarding or a leisurely boat ride around Las Isletas of Lake Nicaragua, the 365 small islands that are home to migratory birds and small restaurants. Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America and the original site for a canal before Panama won the prize. (A controversial plan to build the Nicaragua Canal is currently underway.)

Las Isletas, Lake Nicaragua (Photo credit: Merrill Images)

7. Surfing in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua - With an average of 300+ days per year of offshore winds attributed to the proximity of Lake Nicaragua, the surfing in Nicaragua remains optimal all day long. The best time for surfing in Nicaragua is May thru early December, which is when the most south swells hit Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. San Juan del Sur’s beaches are a great place for all levels of surfers. The most popular and easily accessible surfing beach close to town is Playa Maderas, where both beginners and experts can find great waves.

Surf lesson with Rancho Cecilia at Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

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Expect to expand your family circle when you embark on a Global Family Travels trip!

Photo credit of crane in Las Isletas: Lisa Merrill

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