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Top 5 Reasons for A Family Vacation to Cuba

Would you like to have a fun and meaningful family vacation, filled with experiences your family will never forget?

Consider exploring Cuba as a family vacation destination and immerse yourselves in its vibrant culture, music-filled streets, and outdoor recreation opportunities for all ages!

You may have heard about President Obama’s historical visit in March of 2015 to reestablish friendly relations with our closest Caribbean neighbor, just 90 miles from Miami. This is the year to visit, with small hotels and restaurants opening throughout the country, along with exciting ways for tourists to experience its culture.

Should you need more encouragement, here are our Top 5 Reasons for a family vacation to Cuba:

  1. Cultural Immersion: Cuba offers a relaxed atmosphere, historic appeal, vibrant culture, and people revered for their kindness. Visitors can enjoy music and theatrical performances on traffic-free streets, learn to salsa and rumba, explore pirate-era forts and quirky museums, and taste fresh chocolate or coconut. Away from the cities, there are plenty of opportunities to ride horses through gorgeous valleys, hike in rain forests and snorkel amidst healthy reefs in turquoise waters.​

  1. Homestay Lodging: The best way to experience Cuban culture while contributing to a family’s livelihood is to stay at a Casa Particulares. These affordable private homestays meet government-approved standards and offer a candid glimpse into the lives of Cubans who are eager to cater to your family’s needs. Many homestay owners have children of their own, so your family can interact with the local culture and enjoy some activities with Cuban youth.

  1. People-to-people Exchanges: There are many opportunities to learn from the Cuban people during your stay. A popular route is to meet with local artists who are more than willing to open up their studios and share some of their latest creations with visitors. Cuba also offers a wide range of locations to mingle with and learn from her musicians. Experience everything from the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of son to rumba to timba during your stay and perhaps take up that chance to join the locals in a free dance lesson while you’re at it!

  1. Friendly and Creative people: Cubans are particularly passionate about music, dance, visual arts, baseball, and cars, and they’re eager to share their talents with visitors. Our local Cuban tour partner shared these comments when we asked him about how Cubans are feeling about more tourists coming: “We are all feeling very happy to receive more tourists visiting Cuba because it helps to grow our economy and to know people with a different culture. It also helps us be in contact with the outside world.” ​​

  1. Getting there is Easy: Traveling to Cuba is easier than ever. For the first time in 53 years, American can now fly direct from the U.S. to Cuba on a commercial airline. Previous regulations requiring that Americans travel with licensed organizations have been replaced by a much more open policy, and individuals can now declare “educational” trips on their own.

Global Family Travels will facilitate all arrangements to Cuba, to ensure that your family vacation to Cuba is smooth, fun, memorable! For more information, visit sample family vacation to Cuba itinerary, or please let us know if you are interested in traveling to Cuba by filling out this form.

Photo Credits: Lisa Merrill. To see more of our colleague Lisa Merrill’s vibrant images of Cuba, check out

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