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Support the Conservation of the African Painted Dog in Zimbabwe

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Global Family Travels is thrilled to kick off the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by hosting a free event about the Conservation of the Painted Dog and Sustainable Tourism in Zimbabwe, perfectly aligned with this United Nations’ declaration. In support of its mission to learn, serve & immerse, using travel as a means to build cultural bridges and to foster global citizens, Global Family Travels has teamed up with the Painted Dog Research Trust USA to host a family-friendly, educational event about the Conservation of the Painted Dog and Sustainable Tourism in Zimbabwe, as well as a community-based safari in July/August of 2017designed to support these efforts. Two special guest speakers, Carrie Culp, Executive Director and Founder of the Painted Dog Research Trust USA, and Mark Butcher, Director of Imvelo Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe, will give an engaging presentation on what efforts are being taken to help conserve the species, as well address how community-based tourism has benefited the protection of the dog.

In addition to the event, Global Family Travels is offering a Zimbabwe Safari & Painted Dog Conservation Adventure this summer, to give families an incredible, hands-on opportunity to learn more about the conservation project and to serve with the Painted Dog Research Trust USA and their Zimbabwe affiliate. As part of the Learn, Serve, Immerse components of this adventure, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture by engaging with the people of Ngunyana Village and visit with Ngamo School, just outside of Hwange National Park.

Challenges Facing the Painted Dog:

No record exists of any instance of a painted dog killing a human being in Africa. Ironically, their main predator and threat to their existence is man. African painted dogs face many of the same threats as North American wolves: ​​

· Along with shrinking habitat, both species are persecuted by humans as a result of longstanding, yet unfounded myths, fear and hatred.

· Farmers wrongly believe that these animals are a major threat to their livestock, though healthy packs prefer to hunt their natural prey.

· Rabies and distemper, diseases carried by domestic dogs, can strike a pack through contact with just one animal.

· Inbreeding due to loss of habitat and the resulting fragmented populations threatens the survival of these species.

Studies indicate that the loss of just one dog can disrupt the entire pack. Zimbabwe, a bridge between dog packs in Southern Africa, is key to linking the populations and maximizing their available gene pool. As their main predator, only humans can bring these animals back from the brink of extinction and play a part in ensuring their future.

Let Global Family Travels help your family make a positive sustainable impact on your next family trip. Join us in Zimbabwe!


Event Details

When: January 11, 2017 from 6-8 pm

Where: Bellevue Impact Hub, 555 116th St., Suite 125, Bellevue

RSVP: Tickets available via EventBrite. (Event is complimentary, but please consider a donation in support of the Painted Dog Research Trust USA.)

Trip Information


Dates: July 24 - August 4, 2017

Duration: 12 days, 11 nights

Itinerary: Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park & Zambezi National Park.

Trip Cost: Prices range from: $2,750 (child rate) to $4,750 (adult rate), excluding airfare.

Learn: Through safaris and service projects, families will have a unique chance to learn about animals in their natural habitats and the history and culture of Zimbabwe’s people, including the Shona and Ndeble ethnic tribes.

Serve: This tour provides an incredible opportunities to serve on a conservation project with our NGO partner, the Painted Dog Research Trust and its affiliate in Zimbabwe and to help hydrate the wildlife in Hwange National Park during dry season while on safari.

Immerse: Families will have many opportunities to experience local customs and culture on this tour, including a guided tour of Victoria Falls, game drives and walking safaris, and interact with local craftspeople and school children.

To learn more about the trip and to download a detailed itinerary, visit Global Family Travel’s website page.

About the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

The United Nations declaration of the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development recognizes the importance of fostering better understanding among peoples everywhere, in leading to a greater awareness of the rich heritage of various civilizations and in bringing about a better appreciation of the inherent values of different cultures, thereby contributing to the strengthening of peace in the world.

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