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Bridging Cultures with Soccer Exchanges

Playing soccer, or futbol, is a wonderful way to bridge cultures, particularly when there is not a common language involved! In 2015, we kicked off the summer with our first soccer exchange in Nicaragua, where we stayed with local families, built a soccer field and taught soccer classes in Chacraseca, a small community outside of Leon.

Our team worked hard for 3 days to build the multi-purpose field, which will be used for both playing soccer and as a community gathering place. (You can see the arduous process of building the fields on our Pinterest page)

Our team of 5 families that traveled to Nicaragua also donated One World Futbol soccer balls, computers, and books to the local library and school.

One of the highlights of this trip was a local homestay and the opportunity to get to know the local culture. Our visitors engaged with Nicaraguan children and learned from each other on and off the fields.

The last day of work on the soccer pitch was rewarded with a performance by Nicaragua's #1 band, La Cuneta Son Machin.

After the hard work in Leon, the group enjoyed seeing the sights of colonial Granada and relaxed on Nicaragua's beautiful Ometepe Island. Highlights included hiking in the cloud forest of volcanoes, zip-lining, swimming in the natural pools, chocolate making, searching for bargains in an arts market, and so much more! (Visit trip page for details.)

We would happy to help your team build a similar soccer exchange in this amazing country! We are also expanding our cross-cultural soccer exchanges to other countries, including Ecuador and Cuba, so join our mailing list if you are interested in learning more!

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