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Peru: Learn, Serve & Immerse in the Sacred Valley

Learn, Serve and Immerse in Peru with Global Family Travels in support of female artisans in a rural Andean community, and learn firsthand about Peruvian life by participating in a homestay with a local family!


During this 10-day trip to Peru, you will learn about the ancient history and cultures of the Sacred Valley and be welcomed by Peruvian people who take pride in offering incredible services and experiences to visitors that include traditional foods, celebrations and festivals. Our trip has an emphasis on learning about economic development, and travelers will understand how our non-profit partner approaches development in their work to support female artisans.

Participants on our Peru Learn, Serve Immerse trip will also learn more about the ancient Inca civilization and explore around Peru’s Sacred Valley.


Global Family Travels is delighted to support the good work of Awamaki, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower rural Andean women with skills-based education and connect them to the global marketplace so they can earn an income, support their families, and have the opportunity to turn around and transform their communities. This is accomplished in the form of artisanal fair-trade crafts cooperatives and sustainable tourism; both of which we will see in action on this trip to Peru!

Trip participants will engage in a community service project that supports female artisans, and learn how Awamaki applies economic development theories to their work to bring the greatest benefit to the local women. Looking at development from theory to practice, we will learn the differences between aid and development, and how the non-profit applies these theories in its work. While visiting the community, we will also hear about impact stories from Peruvian staff members at Awamaki regarding their work with the women artisans.


Travelers on this journey to Peru will have the opportunity to live with a Peruvian family in Ollantaytambo, a charming town with spectacular Inca ruins. Homestay hosts are middle-class “Ollantinos” who work as artisans, farmers, teachers, drivers and stay-at-home moms, all of whom have years of experience hosting visitors and volunteers, cooking food in a clean and healthy manner, helping guests improve their Spanish, and providing a local, insightful experience to travelers.

Of course, a trip to Peru is not complete without taking in the magic of the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Make Peru a destination for your family by booking Peru: Learn, Serve & Immerse in the Sacred Valley with Global Family Travels! You will leave feeling accomplished having visited one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, while experiencing global issues in a way that will change how you think and act when you return home.

This trip is offered the week of April 6-16, 2018 but can also be customized for a later date.

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