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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Imagine the quintessential African safari experience that you grew up seeing in movies, television, or picture books. More than likely, those images came from the east African country of Tanzania. A Safari in Tanzania is a great way to introduce your family to the amazing continent of Africa!

Did you know that the word Safari comes from the Arabic verb Safar meaning “to make journey” and in the Tanzanian language of Swahili means “journey”? A family safari to Africa is one of the most exciting and rewarding trips you can ever take. Most people consider Africa as one big country. However, as the second largest continent on earth, it has extremely diverse landscapes, people, cultures, languages and activities! The prospect of traveling to Africa can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

Located inside the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania is home to the some of the best game reserves and national parks in the world. Beyond it’s amazing natural wonders, Tanzania is also the birthplace of humankind; and famous for the Serengeti, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Oldupai Gorge, the Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar.

Also known for vibrant cultures and warm people, your family will have a sense of “karibu” (welcome). In this land of over 100 tribes, as Tanzania is known as the land of “ujoma” and “ujamaa”, which in the Swahili language mean “oneness” and “family-hood”.

We invite you to join Global Family Travels to Learn, Serve & Immerse on safari in Tanzania, and discover the extraordinary wildlife and connect with the vibrant cultures of this amazing country's people up close.

On this unique adventure your family will:


  • Discover the wildlife and ecosystems of Tanzania’s National Parks and Conservation areas including the Ngrongoro Crater, Oldupai Gorge, Serengeti National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park, and Lake Natron.

  • As we enter the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, home to Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongo Crater, your family will witness the earliest signs of mankind that are over 1.8 million years old at the Oldupai Gorge.


  • Engage in “a day in the life” of a school student in the town of Karatu in the Ngorongoro Highlands. We will visit the Ganako Secondary School and learn about the incredible impact that the Karatu Education Fund (KEF) has made at the school through the donation of books, computers, online learning programs and more.

  • Your family circle will be expanded as you engage in cross-cultural games and a fun soccer match with the students, and meet the school's Librarian, Rehema, and visit the library, science laboratory, and classrooms.


  • Tanzania is home to over 100 tribes of people; your family will spend time with locals in an authentic Masai Boma and have the opportunity to connect with them by learning about their culture and engage in some of the daily village activities. They will teach you about various crafts and life skills that are important to their culture and to their environment.

Tanzania is the perfect way to experience Africa with your family for the first time, and every day will be an adventure as you find yourselves face-to-face with a new creature and awe-inspiring sights! If you are in Seattle area, learn more at our Travel Event: How to Plan a Meaningful Family Safari!

Spring Break Special: Book this safari for Spring Break, and save $500 for every two people booked for trips departing through May 30, 2019. Book here!

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