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Top 8 reasons to take a Conservation Safari to Zimbabwe!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Learn, Serve and Immerse in Zimbabwe on a family-friendly safari with Global Family Travels, and participate in conservation and educational projects with our local partners. Located in southeastern Africa, Zimbabwe is known for natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, several UNESCO World Heritage sites, and serene, crowd free, and abundant wildlife parks.

Our Painted Dog Conservation safari is rated as on one of the “8 Outstanding Conservation Safaris Around The World” by Epicure & Culture (learn more below!)

One of the questions we often get is, “why choose Zimbabwe over other safari destinations in Africa?” We answer this question with our Top 8 Reasons to Choose a Zimbabwe Safari :


On other African safaris, you may have to travel to more than one country to experience the same variety of experiences that Zimbabwe offers. There is a wide variety of unique family-friendly safari activities beyond the traditional vehicle game drives, particularly with our partners the Endangered Canid Project and Painted Dog Research Trust in Zimbabwe. On this trip, we are lucky to partake in a conservation service day with the Painted Dog Research Trust, and who wouldn’t want to work first hand with a world renowned biologist Dr. Greg Rasmussen?

Next, you’ve got the thrill of awakening all your senses during a walking safari and hiking the Batoka Gorge! Then you will hop aboard the unique Elephant Express! It is hands down the most fun way to travel between lodges in Hwange National Park and have a safari along the way!

And don’t forget the guided canoeing and kayaking along the Zambezi River!

Learn more about all of the diverse, fun, and awe-inspiring safari experiences you can have in Zimbabwe : Highlights from Global Family Travels' 2017 Zimbabwe Conservation Safari.


The natural beauty of Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, the Batoka Gorge, and Hwange National Park offer opportunities to experience a host of wildlife, including an immense Elephant population, and the African Painted Dogs in serene crowd-free wilderness, making it a very exclusive experience!

Hwange National Park is one of Africa’s best kept secrets! The park receives about 43,000 visitors a year and it is almost the same size as the Serengeti in Tanzania which receives 350,000 visitors annually, and slightly smaller than Kruger National Park in South Africa that receives over 1 million visitors annually. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about crowds, or what time of day is the best time to go on safari.


Both our Zimbabwe Family Safari and Painted Dog Conservation Safari itineraries allow for flexibility and spontaneity. Our guests meet with both lodge manager and guides to review daily schedules, discuss their interests and get updates on what has been happening recently with the wildlife in the area. They then make a plan for the following day’s activities and then each subsequent evening at dinner, the guide and guests discuss the plan for the following day. Cooks from the various lodges will serve up delicious meals, including cater to you in the bush!

Zimbabwean Professional Guides can take guests on both walking safaris and game drives. Even the game drives allow for a lot of flexibility and spontaneity. For example, if the guide or the guests spot something while on a game drive, they are able to get out of the vehicle and explore on foot (and no worries, the guides ensure your safety!)


Zimbabwe offers a high level of exclusivity, the best guides in Africa, a wide variety of activities, exceptional game viewing, lots of flexibility and many newly built and recently renovated safari lodges/camps. Most 4-5 star lodges/camps in Hwange National Park, and Victoria Falls are generally priced 25% - 50% below comparable, accommodations in Zambia and Botswana.