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Sri Lanka 

Learn - Serve - Immerse


Join Global Family Travels for a unique family adventure to India’s Ladakh region and experience some of India’s grandest wonders along the way!  Our Learn, Serve and Immerse trip to Ladakh offers both visitors to make a meaningful contribution to the village of Stok by participating in a community or school project with students of Siddhartha School Project.


Once an independent Buddhist kingdom at the crossroads of vital trade routes between China and the Middle East, Ladakh, often called “Little Tibet” or “Land of the Broken Moon,” is one of the last places in the world where the Buddhist way of life is unrepressed. Its unique geographical location in one of the northernmost regions in India makes Ladakh rich with extraordinary trekking trails for all expertise levels (should you be interested in extending your stay with a trek, we can arrange that for you). We will end the trip in New Delhi and Agra taking in sights and sounds, and witnessing the monument of love – The Taj Mahal!


Learn more in our blogs: Highlights from our 2018 Immersive Trip to Ladakh and  Exploring Ladakh with Siddhartha School Friends, to learn more about it! 



Suggested Dates:

July 7-18, 2019

Duration: 12 days, 11 nights (plus one day of travel)

Video Photo album

Video Credit: Rick Meining

Location Map

Tour Route: New Delhi-Leh-Stok-Agra-Delhi

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