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Carrie Culp, Trip Leader for
Zimbabwe Painted Dog & Safari

Carrie Culp, 

Founder and Executive Director of Endangered Canid Project

About Carrie Culp


Carrie Culp is a registered safari guide with twelve years of amazing travel to Southern Africa under her belt.  She is also the Executive Director for Endangered Canid Project, an organization that links college students in Washington State to projects that benefit their education in STEM-related curriculum and aid conservation efforts on behalf of the African Painted Dog.


Her passion for Africa began at a very young age through a book she read in her elementary school library.  She and her best friend “practiced” running away to Africa in the woods of Southern New Jersey as kids.  Her first visit as an adult confirmed her love of the continent, and she has been exploring Southern Africa ever since.  There is something about taking steps on African soil that makes her feel at home and connected to nature, earth and spirit.  Sharing its beauty with first time travelers and those who are looking for a new adventure is one of her great joys.


Carrie looks forward to sharing her knowledge about the Painted Dog - one of the most intricately linked social species in Africa.  She looks forward to explaining their complex behavior when the group is lucky enough to see them on safari.  Carrie will also share information about conservation efforts on their behalf and how local Washington college students are contributing to that effort.  In this way, the group will gain a clear understanding of these amazing animals, what threatens them, and efforts being made to save the species.

Endangered Canid Project, Projects and Fundraising:


Endangered Canid Projects (ECP) links local Washington college students (in STEM-related coursework) to projects that benefit their education and benefit conservation of the African painted dog. 


Currently ECP is working with Washington State University (WSU)  Engineering students to finalize design and construction of a new type of research drone that will help to capture information about the dogs from their collars in a non-invasive way.  This project will benefit the research efforts of Dr. Gregory Rasmussen’s Endangered Canid Project in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It is the ECP hope that this technology can eventually be utilized by other like-minded research organizations, and there are already several other organizations interested in this UAV technology.


Please consider a donation to the ECP to support their endeavors!

More info about January 11 Event

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