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2023 Travel Events

 Join Global Family Travels at one of our informational travel seminars to learn more about our upcoming Learn, Serve and Immerse trips that offer travelers the opportunity to authentically connect with the local people, cultures and natural beauty of the destinations we visit.   These travel talks are online and will be recorded incase you can not attend and want to learn more later.

Bali Travel Event Regenerative Wellness Retreat & 7 Chakras on Saturday, January 8 at 1 PM pst (RSVP Here)

Join us on January 8 to learn about our 10-day Bali Regenerative Wellness Retreat aligned with the 7 Chakras (March 4-13, 2023)

This ultimate Bali wellness program, facilitated by Collin and Djazia from the Heart Arts Academy, infuses connecting to yourself, community and cultural immersion, giving you the opportunity to dive deep, support communities and celebrate the unique and traditional Balinese approach to wellness, health and human prosperity.

Bali A Global Classroom Adventure - Travel Info Session on Sunday, January 8, from  3-4:15 PM pst (RSVP Here)

Join us on January 8 to learn about our Bali Global Classroom Adventure in April of 2023 with the Seattle World Affairs Council's Global Classroom program to learn first hand from Balinese non-profit organizations involved with critical global issues. With a focus on some key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this trip offers opportunities for global citizens to learn about the negative effects of plastics on Life Below Water and the island's looming water crisis, as well as to explore the island's magical culture and beauty.

Nepal Travel Event:  Nature, Culture and Adventure with TRIFC on January 11, from  5-6:30 PM pst (RSVP Here)

Join us on January 11 at a travel webinar about Nepal with Rob Rose, Founder of the Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC) and Global Family Travels’  Founder, Jennifer Spatz,  who will share information about an exciting trip in April:  Nepal: Nature, Culture and Adventure with TRIFC !  They will share information about our itinerary and the opportunities to learn about the country’s rich cultural heritage and history, along with light trekking experiences with spectacular views of the Himalayas, and several life-affirming volunteer experiences with children with disabilities in Nepal.

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