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2023 Travel Events

 Join Global Family Travels at one of our informational travel seminars to learn more about our upcoming Learn, Serve and Immerse trips that offer travelers the opportunity to authentically connect with the local people, cultures and natural beauty of the destinations we visit.   These travel talks are online and will be recorded incase you can not attend and want to learn more later.

Chocolate Tasting & Travel to Ecuador through the lens of Chocolate on Wednesday, May 23 at 5 - 7 PM pst in Bellevue, WA (Details & RSVP Here)

 Join chocolate expert Lauren Adler for a guided chocolate tasting and learn about exciting chocolate-themed adventures to Ecuador offered by Global Family Travels. You’ll discover the unique flavor profiles of different cacao-growing regions while tasting fine chocolate from around the world. You'll walk away with an understanding of how chocolate is made from the bean, what elements contribute to flavor in cacao and chocolate and how to read ingredient labels when evaluating chocolate for purchase.  

Ecuador Chocolate Expedition: Not only does Ecuador have an ancient cacao tradition that dates back centuries, but it is home to a vibrant, modern craft chocolate scene that offers excellent cacao and chocolate to taste and enjoy.  Global Family Travels has both a small group Chocolate Expedition to Ecuador  in late July/August, and custom dates, which are filled with culturally immersive experiences.

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