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Our People

Barrett Chapman

Operations Manager & Customer Service for Seattle Community & Pacific Northwest Adventures

Through my own travel experiences, I’ve learned many important life lessons. Travel is a tool for us to expand our awareness, compassion, and understanding of what is outside of our immediate bubble. After working in this industry for several years, I made the decision to take my travel passion to new levels and am working on completing my Master’s in Tourism Management degree with a focus on sustainability. My aim is to help travelers attain their travel goals and dreams in a way that is ethical and responsible towards the earth and its people.  

Barrett GFT Photo.jpg

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I first moved to the Pacific Northwest for my undergrad at university. Throughout my time as a student, I grew to love the landscapes, culture, and opportunities for outdoor recreation that this region offers. Several years later, I returned to the Pacific Northwest and took root in Seattle. To me, there is no other metropolis in this country that can rival Seattle’s juxtaposition between mountain, water, and forest. Having traveled to more than forty countries, the Pacific Northwest's blend of beauty, unique cultural heritage, and wild spirit is unmatched, which is why I think everyone needs to visit and explore this region!

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