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Bali: A Cultural Adventure to Examine Critical Global Issues 

Learn  -  Serve  - Immerse


Join us in Bali in August of 2020 with Seattle World Affairs Council's Global Classroom program to take a deep dive into examining  several global issues, including the negative effects of plastics on  Life Below Water, and the island's looming water crisis, how we as global citizens can help conserve vital ocean-based resources which is also essential for humanity as a whole! 


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) provide a global blueprint for dignity, peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.   Our Bali program has been designed to explore and contribute in a small way towards the following Global Goals or UNSDGs:

  • Quality Education (UNSDG#4): Helping Indonesian children read.

  • Gender Equality  (UNSDG#5):  On this program we’ll visit two inspiring organizations in Bali that are working towards helping women and girls gain equal access to education and work opportunities. 

  • Clean Water and Sanitation (UNSDG#6): In Bali and across Indonesia there is a looming water crisis as ground water is consumed at an alarming rate in the tourism sector and other industries. On this program you will learn about the challenges with clean water access in Bali and complete a service project alongside two organizations working to address the issue.

  • Life Below Water (UNSDG #14): Our oceans provide so much to our global ecosystem, and careful management of this enormous precious resource is a key feature of a sustainable future. On this program we’ll learn about an organization with a success story to tell about how their community moved from destroying their marine life to protecting and nurturing it. We’ll also complete two service projects focused on preserving the health of our oceans.

An island famous for its stunning beaches, captivating culture and mystical traditions,  you’ll learn about the Tri Hita Karana, the central philosophy of the Balinese people, enjoy a fun music workshop, witness a performance of the Balinese Legong dance, sample the flavors of delicious Balinese cuisine, and explore the backroads of Bali’s heartland on two wheels.  More importantly, this trip offers opportunities to help address some global challenges that Bali faces.​



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10 days, 9 nights

 July 31- August 10, 2020

Tour Highlights
Location Map
  • Learn about the Tri Hita Karana, the central philosophy of the Balinese people, and how local NGOs and communities are protecting and nurturing marine life and preserving scare water resources. 

  • Serve with Balinese communities on projects that support education and protecting the islands' coral reefs.

  • Immerse in cultural workshops to learn about local cuisine, dance, music, woodcarving,  puppet making and more!

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Ubud- Pemuteran-East Bali-Sanur

 Bali, Indonesia

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Bali Temple
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