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Discover India

with HEART on our

8-Limbs of Yoga Tour

 This trip has been postponed until Fall of 2021. 

Join Global Family Travels' Founder, Jennifer Spatz, with Ashish Arora, one of  Seattle's top yoga instructors and a native of India, on our yoga retreat to North India with a focus on the 8 Limbs of Yoga  and its path to self-awareness and purpose. 


India is the epicenter of many of the world’s religions: Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism all call India their birthplace.  The intermingling of the country’s diverse cultures and religions formulates its unique and charming soul.

In this land of diversity,  Ashish will guide you through the Yoga Sutra’s eightfold path, called ashtanga, (eight limbs), that helps us acknowledge the spiritual aspects of our nature, as we take you on a journey to India’s holy places, featuring beautiful temples, monasteries, ashrams and historical monuments and making deep connections to the peoples in the different communities we engage with.  As we awaken and nurture our inner divinity, we will also expand our global family through service opportunities with several non-profit partners we support in Ladakh, Rishikesh, and Dehradun, focusing on quality education, preserving culture and women’s empowerment.   

Global Family Travels is honored to be a mentor and pioneer with the Transformational Travel Council (TTC), and our 8-Limbs of Yoga Retreat is the first of many TTC Trips that encourages travelers to use a journey as a chance to grow, learn, and transform their live.  On this trip, we will also travel with HEART, which means to be:

Humble, Engaged, Awake, Resilient, and Thankful for to the opportunity to travel. 


Through intensity and humility of travel through various parts of India, we learn to express our divine nature and live with the true freedom in the present with deep gratitude.   




12 days, 11 nights

TBD, 2021

Highlights Include
Location Map
  • Yoga daily  incorporating ashtanga (8-Limb) principles as we travel

  • Learn spiritual practices from Buddhist monks, nuns and Hindu Gurus and yogis

  • We will expand our family circle through service opportunities with several non-profit partners  in Ladakh and Dehradun which focus on providing quality education and women’s empowerment.



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