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Ecuador- Merrill Family Tribute

We arrived in Ecuador on April Fool’s night,

our guide Juan met us after our flight.

Colorful orchids, giant ferns and epiphytes

were a few of our favorite cloud forest sights.

Hummingbirds amazed us as they hovered and fed

and butterflies kept landing on Bryce’s head.

We zoomed on zip-lines high above the cloud forest floor

And after each rope swing Bryce and Viv wanted more.

Rafting through the rapids, we laughed in delight

When Eduardo shouted “seguro” we held on tight.

We visited a music school and heard a great band

and llamas ate carrots right out of our hand.

Guanavana, taxo and babaco were fruits that we ate

And as juice or ice cream they were great.

Bryce and Vivian each tried spinning wool

But the yarn broke when they gave too hard a pull

We stayed with families and volunteered at a school

And at haciendas we played lots of pool.

Shopping in the markets gave us great pleasure

carved Tagua animals and weavings we’ll treasure.

We watched Giant Andean condors spread their wings so wide

And embroiderers demonstrating their craft with pride.

Adios, our adventure is over, we’re sad to say

We’ll return and visit the Galapagos some day!

~ written by the Merrill Family as a memory of their 2008 trip to Ecuador. Lisa Merrill is a professional photographer and is leading Global Family Travels' Experience Ecuador: Photography and Culture tour, Galpagos Islands Nature and Photo Tour and Amazon Rain Forest Wildlife and Photo trips

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