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Awe-inspiring Zimbabwe: Conservation Safari Highlights

The wonder and awe of Zimbabwe never cease to amaze! In June of 2017, Jennifer Spatz, Founder of Global Family Travels, and I went on our conservation safari, and it did not disappoint! In fact, this was probably one of the most unique, fun, and awe-inspiring safari experiences in Africa that I have had so far!

Visiting with our local partners of our Zimbabwe Safari & African Painted Dog Adventure, we began our trip at the Painted Dog Research Trust with lead conservationist, Dr. Greg Rasmussen observing the work that is happening at this very special place. From there, we heard the roar and felt the spray of “the smoke that thunders” while seeing Victoria Falls, we explored the natural beauty of Hwange National Park by safari vehicles and on foot, and immersed and engaged with the gracious people of the Ngyunyana Village just near the park. Our last two days we enjoyed canoeing along the Zambezi River in Zambezi National Park.

Highlights of our Zimbabwe Conservation Safari

Friends have been asking me what the highlight of the trip was, and honestly, gosh every day and every location we visited truly offered unique unforgettable experiences that aroused my senses and engaged my spirit. Here is just a sampling:

Learning about the African Painted Dog, and efforts to conserve the rare species from renowned biologist, Dr. Gregory Rasmussen is always educational and inspiring. We witnessed the completion of work of anti-snare collars to reduce painted dog mortalities.

Enjoying dinner at under the stars, while Elephants came out of the darkness to take a drink at the fresh water pool just feet away from our dinner table!

Coming across a heard of Water Buffalo grazing and during our walking safari on the Ngamo Plain!

Enjoying an afternoon on the Elephant Express traveling to and from Southern Hwange National Park.

Being nestled away at eye level of a waterhole in a “blind” while watching herds of Elephants come to take a drink!

Engaging with local school children at the Ngamo School and meeting the Village chief and his wife Dorothy and learning about their ways of life!

Witnessing 4 cheetah cubs on lounging on the railway tracks while mom was off hunting or looking for a new mate! Cheetah’s are one of the most elusive animals to see on safari, seeing even one of them is rare! Having a sighting of these 4 cubs at one time was a spectacle!

Canoeing along the Zambezi River in Zambezi National Park was the final highlight of our trip!

Stay tuned for our next blog, when we will share the Top 5 reasons to take a Family Safari in Zimbabwe now, with more photos from our amazing trip!

Photos: Courtesy of Global Family Travels, unless watermarked by others.

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