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The Best Family Adventures Discover a Destination’s Soul

At Global Family Travels, we know that the most rewarding and transformational travel experiences are really all about discovering the soul of a destination. Our mission is helping families make life-changing connections with different cultures through immersive travel.

That’s why we are thrilled to sponsor the Family Adventure Summit in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, later this month. This year the summit will welcome over 400 inspiring people celebrating family connection, life learning, long-term travel and soaking in life to the fullest. Making a commitment to long-term family travel is an exciting first step toward changing how your family understands the world and yourselves.

Our Founder, Jennifer Spatz, knows about the benefits of long-term family travel because she has lived it. As a child she lived in six countries and her most powerful memories come from the family vacations she enjoyed with her family. “Together, my family experienced many diverse cultures and made new friends, opening our hearts and minds to those we met, and with each other,” says Spatz. “These travel experiences forged a deep bond among my family members and instilled values that may have been hard to learn otherwise.”

At Global Family Travels, we believe the most powerful way to learn is through first-hand experience, by allowing a country and its people to be our teachers. Each of our tours offers unique educational opportunities to learn about the culture and history of the countries we visit. If you’ve got a specific destination or interest in mind, we’re happy to work with you to create a dream trip that’s just right for your family.

Our most important piece of advice? When planning a long-term travel experience for your family, look for opportunities to truly connect with local people through organic, genuine interactions. That’s why our immersive, small-group family trips include opportunities for deep dives into local culture, whether through home-stays with local families, visits to schools or orphanages, or workshops at local cultural institutions.

We are all in search of greater human connection and your most indelible memories will be of the people you meet along the way. But don’t be surprised if the most fulfilling journey of all will be one to greater self-understanding. “We don’t just learn about other cultures when we visit new places,” says Spatz. “We also learn about ourselves.”

Will you be attending the Family Adventure Summit? Please look for Jennifer and introduce yourself! She would love to hear about your family’s travel wish list.

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