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Learn, Serve & Immerse to Discover Why Alaska is Called the Last Frontier

Ready for a great, big family adventure in the Land of the Midnight Sun? Alaska is 663,000 square miles of scenic landscape ranging from rugged coastlines to towering mountain ranges. But less than three in 10 of Alaska’s two million annual visitors venture into the state’s Interior region, where history is so rich that it's impossible to really understand the diverse culture until you're there.

The 49th state is a vast, wild place where children thrive among the flora and fauna, yet some parents in the Lower 48 are under the misconception that most of Alaska’s visitor activities are designed for adults. Global Family Travels and a team of Alaska experts are busting that myth with a new, family-friendly “Learn, Serve & Immerse” itinerary that captures the beauty and adventure of Alaska with meaningful opportunities to serve the residents of the Last Frontier.


The new Alaska’s Interior trip focuses on the people, culture, and activities in the middle of the state, offering hands-on activities that present a service-based, literacy-focused project, plus a giant dose of outdoor recreation in one of the most scenic places on the planet.

When you join us for Global Family Travels’ Alaska’s Interior experience, you and your kids will live, work and play among the families who make the Last Frontier home, sharing perspectives and providing support to a unique project designed to increase literacy among Alaska’s youngest residents. This is an especially fantastic trip for nature-loving kids who love to read.

The Read On the Fly project is the brainchild of trip leader Erin Kirkland, an Alaska family travel expert and avid reader whose travels around the state led to an initiative to provide bookshelves in airports. Your family will help sort books, stock shelves and lead an outdoor-based literacy activity in some of the smaller Interior communities along the itinerary route. Alaska ranks among the lowest in the nation for childhood literacy and reading comprehension, often because of a lack of age-appropriate reading materials in the home. Global Family Travels and Read On the Fly will spend a week working to change that, offering books to kids and parents to encourage reading for pleasure – anywhere, any time, and in any place.

Set against Alaska’s spectacular outdoor landscape, this trip offers myriad opportunities for fun and culture. You’ll meet canine athletes at a sled dog kennel and learn about how dog mushing is a tradition in Alaska. You’ll learn about Native Alaskan culture and history, and also about the state’s amazing plant and animal life.

Our trip will culminate in two days and nights at drop-dead-gorgeous Denali National Park. You’ll arrive on the iconic Alaska Train for a bucket-list experience that delivers all the stunning scenery and abundant wildlife you could hope for.

Our journey to Alaska, guided by Erin Kirkland, Founder of Read On the Fly, has limited availability for July 29 – August 4, 2019, or can be customized for your family’s dates around this time. Download the full itinerary here, and contact Global Family Travels to reserve a place on this unique trip of a life-time!

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