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 Join our Tanzania family safari, where you will Learn, Serve and Immerse. Discover the extraordinary wildlife thriving within Tanzania,  experience what life is like in a local Maasai village, and visit and support Tanzania school children,  and learn what our NGO partner, the Karatu Education Fund,  is doing to help them.


Located inside the African Great Lakes region, Tanzania is home to some of the most impressive game reserves and national parks in the world. You will encounter hundreds of avian species in the shadows of the 600 meter Rift Valley wall, giraffes along Lake Natron, leopards and lions in the Serengeti, and more. Every day will be an adventure as your family finds yourselves face-to-face with a new creature and awe-inspiring sights!


In addition to the family-friendly safari,  as part of the Learn, Serve, Immerse components of this tour, we also offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, witness and support efforts being made by our partner, the Karatu Education Fund, towards improving life and education in Tanzania

Tanzania Family Safari: Learn, Serve, Immerse

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